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With €5 a month you'll be giving GTBT the support it needs to keep their radio running. You'll also get discounts on any things that we sell with our name on it and we'll love you forever.
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Great Times

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By sending us €10 you'll be giving GTBT the chance to invite guests for interviews, DJs for sets and host events (when we're allowed too). You'll get some great quality radio content in return and we'll send you a free GTBT goodie bag!
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Glorious Times

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By sending us €20 a month you'll be supporting the GTBT crews radio life. You'll keep the show running, the guests talking and the content flowing. In return you'll get a goodie bag filled with GTBT merch and some other special Rotterdam items. You'll also get a special shoutout on one of our radio shows and a perhaps a request for interview?
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About Good Times Bad Times

What did you have for breakfast this morning? How's your day looking? Whats the meaning of life? At Good Times Bad Times we want to talk about the most menial of subjects and how we live today. Together Jack, Kirsten and Ben, explore how to spend time in this precarious world and reflect on what we can do to enjoy the Good Times and make it through the Bad Times.

Good Times Bad Times is a community radio station at Pension Almonde. We host a show whilst also encouraging and facilitating other residents of the Pension to host their own shows.

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