Gosatsu is creating Visual Novels

$1 /mo
  • Access to monthly art polls: You decide which characters Natsu & I are going to draw each month!

$3 /mo
  • Access to monthly art polls.
  • You will get WIP looks at the poll art, see finished pieces before they are posted publicly & receive access to high-resolution versions.

$5 /mo
  • Access to Patreon-only blog posts: While I will continue doing weekly updates as I always have, here you will get to read special blog posts containing content I'd be too shy to post publ...

$7 /mo
  • Access to early BGM samples & glimpses at the script.
  • Access to previous tier stuff.

$10 /mo
  • Early access to demos.
  • You can essentially become a beta-tester and help us prepare for public releases.
  • Naturally, this means you will also get listed in the credits if you...