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Good Golly!! Thank you so much!! No contribution is too small!! You care as much as Betty loves to shoot dudds!
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Ethel says thank you for your support and helping her owner get new weapons for heists! Never bring a bat to a gun fight ;) ! 
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Thank you for your support of Beatrice! She loves to smash!! <3
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Lucinda!! Your support means she and I get out more and we will be sure to share our adventures with the world!! ;) <3
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You're a hyena like me! Let's plunder together! You will receive access to exclusive shoot images not posted anywhere else, and 4 signed prints every other month!!




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Hiya guys and gals, thank you SO much for showing your support! As I'm sure ya know, adventures mean the world to me and I love being able to share 'em with you guys and I'm SO happy to have you here to help me make more adventures to share! Every little bit helps and I super appreciate every thing you guys are willing to do. Welp, see ya soon, muah!

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