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Welcome to our Patreon page! I’m Joe Rubenstein, creator of the Gotham Variety Podcast, which presents audio drama, movie reviews, interviews on a variety of topics, and a an ongoing series, Real Time 1960s. You can listen to all our episodes here, and subscribe to the podcast here.

As a working (at least until recently) musician in one of the most expensive cities in America, it hasn't been easy to fund this. To cut costs, I do all the creative and promotional tasks myself as a labor of love (i.e. for free). But I can’t do that going forward. It’s not sustainable.

Patreon is like a digital tip jar. You help support the creation of valuable content with regular monthly contributions of whatever you can afford, and get some pretty cool perks in the bargain (more on that below). Patreon enables creators to bring more beauty and meaning into the world by making their project sustainable over the long haul. It is a beautiful concept. Please consider supporting our work, starting at the $2 a month "Community" level. You can cease patronage at any time.

Our goal is to do what we do better than it has ever been done. We may succeed or fail, but that is the goal, always. Based on the the feedback we’re getting, people are connecting with our project in a big way. The detail work involved in bringing this project to fruition is all-consuming, so the feedback is very gratifying.

Obviously, I want to keep Gotham Variety going. But more than that, I want it to get bigger and better. I want to produce more episodes, a lot more. I have endless ideas for episodes and miniseries and am constantly working to develop these ideas at home, on the subway, on breaks at gigs, wherever.

But I need more time and funds to devote to it. I need to advertise, to go to podcast conventions and network, to run campaigns on social media, to hire at least one assistant, to grow Gotham Variety into the creative beast I know it can be. I can’t do that all by myself, not with my current budget constraints and time limitations imposed by a full time job.

So if you’re in a position to throw some support our way and help us take Gotham Variety to the next level, then fantastic, and we thank you very much! And along with helping us continue to create and grow, you get rewards as a patron, from exclusive access to bonus content to Twitter shoutouts to merchandise discounts to gift cards and more. All of our patrons - starting at $2 a month level on up - get access to at least some of these things. To find out exactly which perks each tier entitles you to, just look to the right side of this page.

But maybe you’ve heard and loved the show, and are thinking, “Man, I would love to support this, but I just can’t. I'm stretched too thin as it is.” Don’t worry about it - seriously. Episodes will always be free, and I hope you continue tuning in and enjoying the show (and please tell your friends about it!) Again, as a musician, I understand about financial struggles and the anxieties that go along with them, so please don’t feel bad if this isn’t a good time and you have more critical priorities.

We really appreciate your taking the time to read this. If you love what we’re doing and are in a position to help, please consider becoming a patron, whatever you can afford. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: every little bit makes a difference. You’ll always be part of our creative family, and we’ll be forever grateful - that I can promise. And if you can’t do it right now, keep listening. At the end of the day, that’s why we do this: to bring something meaningful into the world and connect with our fellow humans. Thanks, and keep in touch!

Joe Rubenstein
Creator, Gotham Variety

How many podcasts do you release a month? We do our level best to release 2 episodes per month.

I don't have much money. Can I still become a Patron? Yes. Please only sign up to donate what you can afford. Even $2 per month adds up, and is greatly appreciated.

Can I stop donating in the future if things get tight? Absolutely. Just log in to change or cancel your pledge whenever you want, no questions asked. It’s easy, I promise.

I still have questions. The Patreon support team is friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Just send them a message by clicking here. And if you have questions specifically about my page or Gotham Variety, or just want to say hi, drop me a line.

Do I have to pay in U.S. Dollars? Any currency is fine. This is a U.S.-based website, so everything is shown in dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be converted automatically.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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