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Help two dyslexic girls get a dictionary/spellchecker. 

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Bonus episodes with Lulu and Tori. Also including solo episodes with Tori, where she spills the tea about her personal life.  Plus, get the opportunity to get a shoutout for you, your friend or your Mama. 



About Got It From My Mama

Who are we?
Got It From My Mama is a weekly podcast with comedian hosts Tori Piskin (MTV, Wild ’N Out, Refinery29, SnapChat Discover) and her mom Lulu Piskin, a professional fitness instructor and city gossip. As a listener, you will feel like you are part of their family and relate to the parent-child dynamic. It combines the comedic banter of Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb with the family dynamics of the Kardashians. So, pop a Xanax and listen to them chat about everything you are too scared to talk to your mom about on this ultimate guide to navigating a relationship with your mom!

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Of course, the latest episodes are free on iTunes and Spotify.
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