gottsch is creating Minecraft Mods

$1 /mo
Wood Chest Level

Ad-free links and my sincere gratitude.  You are helping fund a great developmental project.

$5 /mo
Locked Wooden Chest Level

Your Plans structure creations you will incorporated into and distributed in the Treasure! mod. Plus all previous rewards.

$10 /mo
Iron-bound Chest Level

You will be listed in the Patreon Block(s) that will be generated in all my mods.

$15 /mo
Pirate Chest Level

Access to WIP versions of mods. Plus all previous rewards.

$25 /mo
Dread Pirate Chest Level

A portrait of your choosing (appropriate) will be made into a Treasure! painting and used a loot for a Treasure Chests. Plus all previous rewards.

$35 /mo
Wither Chest Level


$50 /mo
Obsidian Chest Level