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About Christopher Rodriguez

Why make a Patreon?

tl;dr: You becoming a patron motivates me to offer you better features (and even patron specific ones!)
I've worked on this tool for around five years or so, and I'm glad for all the people who have found a use for it. When I first created this, it was simply a winter break project where I simply took my week and worked on something I thought should have existed already, but didn't.

Fast forward to today, and now it's a lot more advanced than what the initial idea was. The idea was to originally just show an Xbox Controller on screen and simply window capture the controller. Since then, you can choose from around 8 different skins, use the tool natively with OBS via Browser Source, remap buttons, create your own/edit skins, and easily generate a shareable URL. It's easy to say that this tool has progressed far more than what was initially imagined.

Well, that was a nice exposition and all, but why create a Patreon?

Getting to the point, this project feels like it has a life of its own sometimes. There are plenty of people who use it, with many people asking for new interesting features or asking for help on how to set up the tool or having issues and hoping to have them fixed.

Along with trying to keep this tool updated, supported, and most importantly free for everyone, I decided it would be in the best interest of everyone to start a Patreon for this tool. I've just recently finished school, and with worth starting soon I'm going to need to find ways to stay on top of the further development for the tool. With creating this Patreon, it helps me with trying to focus my time better on this tool while working, as I'll be incentivized to try and work on the tool as best as possible while still keeping as many people happy with it.

I'm a strong supporter of paying for the things you feel have been of great value to you, so I'm asking those who share that same idea to become patrons. Those kinds of contributions can help make this tool the best that it can be, as well as allow it to venture into new areas that can benefit everyone.

So, yeah, that's the gist of it. I'd like to try and expand the tool to support flight sticks and wheels, as well as creating more skin tools and features for users, and it will be those patrons who choose to support this effort that will be the reason why this can all be made a reality.

Wait, does this mean you won't be working on the tool until somebody coughs up cash?

NO. I definitely intend to keep this thing alive, with or without the financial support of the community.

Now, what this Patreon DOES mean is that it'd be in my interest to try and work on the tool in a considerable amount of time, as well as a meaningful update at least around once a month so patrons can get their money's worth.

Ok, I'm sold. So, what are you offering in terms of donation perks?

Well, since this is an online tool, the best I can do is offer digital perks. If you have any ideas for any other perks/tiers, feel free to tweet at me (@GamePadViewer) or send me a message on discord.

Basically, everything that's listed on the top is what's up for grabs. If you've got any questions about the perks, feel free to contact me via the methods listed above.
$11.37 of $100 per month
Patreon says I should have goals because reasons.

I guess I could probably get a new controller to test with if I hit this goal. Probably something obscure. Or maybe a flight stick. Something, I guess.
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