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About Grace & Grit

Hello!  And thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a patron of the Grace & Grit Podcast.  I started the podcast in February of 2016 in an attempt to better connect with my audience and to provide a FREE resource to women who were feeling overwhelmed by the information coming at them from the diet and fitness industry and who wanted to have a deeper conversation about what it means to be a healthy woman (well beyond bikini ready bodies and the latest diet and exercise fads).  A new podcast episode airs every Saturday and is quickly approaching its 75th episode, which feels amazing!

I adore podcasting and I strongly believe the message behind the Grace & Grit podcast is one that many women are benefitting from hearing.  I also believe the Grace & Grit podcast is doing what it was intended to do, which is to help mend the fabric of what is driving the female health story.  I hope you agree:)

To be honest, I got into podcasting because I was spending a tremendous amount of time writing articles and I thought podcasting would help reduce the amount of time I was spending to create free content for my audience.  Turns out podcasting is very time consuming and costly AND immensely rewarding (something I DO NOT want to give up).  In fact,  I want the message behind the podcast to be amplified and I want it to be able to reach even more women than ever before.


I need help.  I invest a minimum of 10 hours a week to create a new episode for the podcast and it costs me at least $100/episode ($400/mth) to have it edited, uploaded, advertised, hosted on the website etc.    

If you love the podcast and you would like to see it continue, I would appreciate you becoming a patreon of it, by contributing whatever you can.  Seriously, anything helps.  I am not someone who is great at asking for help, but the mission behind this podcast is way bigger than my pride, so thank you in advance for even considering a monthly donation and I PROMISE to keep providing you with inspiring & educating episodes around women's health that extend well beyond the out-dated paradigm of "eat less and exercise more."

Warmly - 
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Reaching $500/mth of support to help produce the Grace & Grit Podcast would go a really long way in helping me to reach more women who could benefit from hearing the message.  The funds will be used for production, marketing, equipment and developing more FREE content!
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