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Hi! I'm Media Missionary Pastor Earma, a widow, 12+ Christian book author, indie publisher and living on-assignment here in the Mid-Delta of America aka Farmville, USA. I moved back here about a year ago (2 years now) to start a church plant with husband who has since passed away. He and I grew up in this area.

The only thing it is economically declined with little job opportunities. I live in what used to be known as the poorest county in Arkansas. The phrase I've heard the most for over a year is, "We've just hired someone. They start in a few days." I was thinking about giving up and going back to ANY city with better opportunities...

But Father God has commanded me to stay on assignment. He reminded me he did give me a business. (And I responded, for such a time as this.) When my husband was alive, in those latter years he was sick a lot, we sacrificed a lot and lost a lot. Even though he and I wrote prolifically, articles, blogs, books and my courses, we limped along in his business and my business with barely enough focus to sell anything.

Now I have to (get-to) pick it back up and make it work. I know this sounds strange coming from a Bible teacher. It's like I'm having to live afresh what I've been teaching and preaching all these years.

One of my mantras has been, "Stop looking in the horizon for your destiny to come. You were born with it, born to do it and born to share it. Use what you have. Develop what you have." Now, I get to make good on those very words for myself. The Spirit of the Lord says, 'Use what you have...'"


One blessed thing about this journey is I'm right across the road from my childhood home with my 86 year old mother still living there. I have a sister living in an assisted living community about twelve miles away. So, I get to help watch over them while I'm on assignment. 

Which brings me to why I'm baring my soul to you. I was already depleted from illness but my eye muscles relaxed and my eyes were crossed before and for 12 months after my husband died. I didn't tell anyone how severe it was. I shouldn't have been driving anywhere not to mention if I could have found work, I could not see how to get there or any computer screens.


Now that I'm seeing better, I found a part time job working for local law enforcement office. I'm steadily working to rebuild personal income and my business systems. I'm looking for a fresh start in the church and a jumpstart for my business. I invite your support to help me get back going. I'm preaching and teaching every Sunday and Wednesday (Now Fridays), from which I produce a Sunday Sermon program, Wednesdays In The Word program delivered via Grace Covenant podcast featuring my most animated sermons urging people to Christ discipleship and living your destiny and purpose in God.

Some people say I get pretty dramatic. In my defense, I struggled so long with my communication, a speech impediment, domestic abuse victim...All to the point that I'm just glad it comes out. I suppose I'll get more polished one day...

Also, I produce periodic Helps Ministry Podcast, WOW! Women Podcast and soon to be released Book podcast mainly for women authors and publishers along with hosting special events.

My Biz:

In my business, I ghostwrite, publish, speak, host writing/publishing events for churches, faith based organizations and train Christian women struggling to pull it all together how to write, publish and market a book. I'm learning new ways to get results for my clients and get our books and products to the people who want and need them. Since, I started back in 2000 the book coaching and publishing industry has become fairly crowded. So, according to Holy Spirit's leading, I've laser focused my target audience to Christian women, aspiring and emerging indie authors and publishers. I am rebuilding my book sales How To Write A Book Guides, Write To Win Books & Ebooks, Courses and other products... There you have it, my renewed business plan in a nutshell.

My Ministry:

In recent months, I seeded all of our Christian book series (Varn's and Mine - 20 books plus companion products) to Grace Covenant Church and formed Grace Media And Merchandise. 100% of profits will help capitalize and fund the church and its ministries WOW! Women, W.O.M.B. (book ministry to women shelters and safe houses), GIGGLE Missions, Ministry Of Helps Network and more moving forward. If you or your church or faith based organization are interested in investing in our organization as a share holder, contact us for details.

New Update:

Recently, I applied for a full time job in a local city business. Thinking I could reach my goals faster with a full time j-o-b even with the sacrifice of less time to spend on what has become my life's  work. Though, I was qualified (background, transferable skills) I was not even called in for an interview. I was feeling really overlooked and insignificant until I recognized the pattern. I could sit there feeling sorry for myself until I got depressed (usually what happens) or I could get up, go there and ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring for that position and ask, in a nice way, why I was not even called since I was in the pool of in-house applicants.

Most businesses will try to use in-house talents and skills before hiring from outside. Well the person said what they said and introduced me to the young woman that got the job. But here's what I want to share with you of what I said to her for future reference if anything else came up...

"Listen, I'm aware that it's possible you still may not have chosen me even if I had gotten an interview. So, I'm not feeling entitled in that way. But, I've been really struggling as a widow to get back up. If I don't tell you about it who will. If I don't speak up and say hey I deserve at least a chance to get the position. I haven't been standing around asking for a hand-out but I have been asking and applying for honest work. When I saw an opportunity that was a good fit for my skill set and what I do really well. It was important enough in my world to come down here and see why not me...

So, in the spirit of speaking up for myself, if I don't ask who will? If I don't take the leap of faith and say to my friends and fans I need your help - how will you know? And, like I told her I'm not asking for a hand-out but I am asking if you believe in me and my work to consider lending support.

With any support, my first goal is to cover the basics, retrieve downed online shops, websites and passive income streams (the ones that are recoverable) until I can raise capital to jump start the business, build a team and profit enough again to sustain itself. 

I forgot to mention in the midst of everything, I lost most of my teeth, preparing to get full bridge (out of pocket expense - no insurance for part-timers). So, I'm continuing my teaching and preaching off camera until I get that taken care of. It's also the reason I don't have a video greeting just yet. Again, it was such a struggle for me to even film at first - I'm super ready and excited to be back in the saddle of filming as soon as possible.

Take a look at the tiers of ways you can help (to the right of this page), if you decide. In the spirit of 'using what I have,' I've gathered some of our books, courses and access to trainings as a token of my appreciation for any support.

What's Patreon?

Great question. Patreon is a new platform that allows me to release my newest podcasts, videos, books and even courses directly to supporters who contribute $5 or more per month.

If you like my work: Books, Courses, Podcasts, Videos, MP3s, printables, CDs, USB... and want to support me in creating more of it, Patreon is the place. Just click the big orange "Become A Patron Button" up there to the right to get started!

Pastor Earma
P.S. Here's a sample sermonette from exclusive bonus audio I recently posted for my partners, patrons and fans of my work. Just a little something until I can get my introductory video up. Thanks in advance for watching.

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