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     Hi, I'm John Fitts and the beauty by my side in all things, is my wife, the artist, Patty. Grace Drops began fifteen years ago in a very unlikely place. Grace was around all the time, but I started seeing it through the eyes of a terminally ill patient while sitting with her on the patio. I saw it in small things, ordinary things, like rain drops, and saw the effect of grace in people's lives. Just small acts of kindness, or grace, can change things. The term "grace drops" is a way of describing a concept to which I am committed and passionate. This "Grace Drops" has grown into a ministry which began in a very simple way and is reaching to people here and around the world.
     What began as a piece of paper taped to a wall, evolved first into a booklet of Grace Drops stories from year one, and has been followed by eleven more. These stories have touched the lives of those grieving, those going through tough times needing encouragement and even those who need an uplifting chuckle. Sometimes more uplifting than the stories is the breathtaking art of my wife Patty. The cover of every booklet is a painting she has done. Now, thanks to my son-in-law, Brian, one is adorning each Monday email. 
     The next logical step was a web page. In late October of 2012 a friend undertook that project and the result is From time to time a story is posted as a Grace Drops blog complete with another painting.
     In the summer of 2016, with the help of Charles McDonald and the technical help of Colin Hawk, I was able to launch John's Grace Drops, the Ebook. It is available through Kindle on The ebook contains 52 stories of Grace Drops all written by yours truly. Each story is accompanied by one of Patty's paintings, 53 if you count the cover. 
     The "Grace Drops" ministry is now encompassing visiting the sick, comforting the bereaved, encouraging those who are hurting. From a very simple beginning to a world wide venture that demands time, creativity, perseverance and at times financial investment. The reason for this growth is YOU, the readers and devotees of Grace Drops. YOU are the reason it continues. 
     PATREON is a way that you can become a part of this endeavor. I have linked up with PATREON. Simply become a patron of Grace Drops by committing to $1, $3, $5 or more each month. Or you may choose to give a one time gift, or an amount when it is convenient.
     As a patron you will ensure that Grace Drops continues and keeps on expanding. 

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