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My name is Grace and this is my filmmaking journey. I first moved to NYC in 2017, 22-years-old and immediately having graduated from Undergrad in Santa Barbara, CA. When I first moved to NYC, I didn't know anyone except for my roommate. It was lonely and overwhelming to start from scratch -- to try and start a career I knew very little about in a city full of strangers, without my friends or family. One of the first things I did when I got to NYC was to join two artist collectives -- one for screenwriting and one for filmmaking. From very early on, I knew the crucial need of having a community of filmmakers to learn from, ask questions to, collaborate with, and grow with as artists.

3 years later, and my life and career looks incredibly different. I've learned so many things, made many mistakes, and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with the craft of filmmaking. I'm still growing and learning and I want to be able to share that journey and knowledge with all of you.

In recent years, I've premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival, written a pilot that made it into the second round of the Sundance Episodic Lab, been a directing fellow with Paramount TV and the Viacom Viewfinder Directing Fellowship program. My projects have been supported by grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council as well as the NYC Women's Fund for Film, Theatre, and Music provided by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and administered by New York Foundation for the Arts. Every now and again, filmmakers both seasoned and just starting out will reach out to me to shed some light on some of these experiences, how I managed to get grants and funding for my projects, what the creative process was like, how I planned out my film festival strategy, where I get my inspiration from, and so forth. After several coffee dates and skype/phone calls, I thought it would benefit others to have a place to streamline some of the lessons learned and filmmaking approaches I've crafted, as well as having an open forum for people to share their thoughts and questions. Essentially, I wanted to create a community online, like the one I desperately sought out upon first moving to NYC. My patreon page isn't just a quick tips and tools guide for filmmaking -- it's a place to deeply question and hone in on the practice and craft of filmmaking. Not only do I share practical resources like budget breakdowns, storyboard to screen analyses, I also talk about important realizations regarding how to nurture my own creative spirit, where to find inspiration when you're feeling discouraged or unmotivated, what to look for in key creative collaborators, and how to keep going in the face of rejection.

I've purposely kept the costs of patreon membership low -- there are so many financial barriers to entry in the filmmaking world. Artists go into debt trying to make our projects come to life only to find that there are more fees (festival entry fees, DCP creation, marketing material costs, travel and lodging to festivals) to be paid when we just want to finally share our work with the rest of the world. This patreon was created so that I could try and answer some of the questions that come my way and my hopes are that it will be a long-term resource for you. Your patronage acts as a motivator for me to streamline and post regularly knowing that there is an audience out there, and also to help generate some small income for the time spent on creating these resources. I'll also have opportunities for livestreams, real-time consultations, table reads, and more as this page grows! I hope that we can all partake in each other's growth as artists.

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At 25 patrons, I'll do a live stream Q&A of my experience going through the Viacom Viewfinder Directing Fellowship program.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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