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Brawlers came here to play and I'm glad for each and every single one of you. Like I said, every little bit helps and you have my thanks for paying me to do what I love.

Please note that this tier, like the others, only charges you for REAL content posts, where I actually review and grade a fight-- I won't goose the bill by charging for administrative updates and such. 

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Champions mean serious business and are backing it up with their wallets. A healthy base of Champion patrons could make a real difference in my life: better appliances around the house, better stuff for my kids, and, naturally, better entertainment equipment for me to enjoy great fight scenes on!

Champion benefits include getting shout-outs by name in the comments of every post and, on occasion, being allowed to vote (from a list of pre-determined nominees) on what the next subject will be. I will also be open to nominations from Champions as well, but no promises!

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Kaiju are the big cheese, the city-leveling monsters the rest of us mortals regard with fear and awe. Anyone devoted enough to join this tier will receive first of all my eternal gratitude, but the right to join in themselves on a future post of their own choosing, offering their own commentary alongside my own in a way to be worked out later. This in addition, of course, to all the benefits Champions receive.

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Hi there! My name's Eric and I've had a lifelong love of virtually all forms of exciting entertainment, coupled with a compulsive need to talk about it. Several years back, I created the blog so the Internet could have a place to analyze, critique, discover and celebrate what is arguably action cinema's ultimate expression: the Fight Scene.

There's more that goes into a fight than just the blows exchanged. There's the staging, the editing, the music, the sound mixing, the buildup & motivations, the aftermath, the performances. On my site, I assess them all-- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Over the course of more than a year, I hit a lot of my dream subjects. Mostly movies, but also television, animation (American and otherwise) and video games... even a certain Bowie-approved dance-off. I built a small audience and we had a blast.

But then life, as it often does, happened. My job took up more time, my first child got older and then I for some reason had a second one. I kept the blog up, but stopped updating it for what turned out to be nearly half a decade. I can't say I regret it because I have a wonderful & blessed life, but I've always missed devoting a portion of my time to writing, as an act of both creation and celebration.

It's well past time to get off my butt and get back to this blog, and I hope you'll help encourage me in this by joining this new Patreon and contributing what you can on a per-post basis. The content will come regardless, but it would be an incredible help to me & my family if you'd join in and help buy back some of the ever-fleeting time I take to put these posts together. Even a little bit is helpful, and don't forget to share this link with others.

I'm glad to be back, and I'm happy for everyone else who comes along!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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