Grant W. Graves

is creating Soggy Science and PodAquatic
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About Grant W. Graves

I have been posting water science and news to my personal social media sites for over six years. I want to expand this effort and bring you more. If I can generate support for it, I have two podcasts planned (Soggy Science and PodAqautic), original content, expanded coverage of stories, and live events. More importantly, I want to hear from you about what you want more of and what benefits you would like to receive for supporting this effort. 

I realized staying up on the latest in water science and news is really hard. So, I gave my social media over to sharing what I find so no one else has to search for all the daily updates. You can find my posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest under my name. I have created a for the effort if you want to see everything in one place.

You can support my effort to keep up with the flood of daily stories which has become an almost full-time job. If there is enough support, two Podcasts are planned, and other more adventurous offerings will develop. Your support will be rewarded with early access to the podcasts, special opportunities, and input into the content. 

Please lend your support. 
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