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Hello and Welcome everybody!

My Name is Roland Hartmann. I am a self-employed motion graphics artist, author on videohive and certified After Effects CC expert.

If you want to learn Adobe After Effects from a professional this is exactly the place to be!

My first release on Patreon is an After Effects Basic Course. In this course I try to teach After Effects like I would have loved to learn it from the beginning. It's a detailed course for beginners aiming to really understand the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects with the goal of using the programm in a professional environment and in a creative way. 

The course is not entirely finished right now. The first two chapters are released, the third one is in the making. If you have any inputs, please let me know.

Free education

Generally I believe in free education and I see the internet as a huge chance for everybody in the world to learn whatever he or she wants. I do not want to exclude people from my courses and tutorials, just because they have not enough money. So my courses and tutorials are free to watch on youtube and on my website. 

What will the Money be used for?

The most important thing this money buys me is time.

Producing this course is really time consuming. First of all I have to develope ideas for the lesson or a project that I will teach, then I go through the creation of the lesson or the project, writing down each step to be able to re-create it during recording. I research additional information to provide in-depth knowledge. Then I record the tutorial. As I am not a native english speaker, I need several takes each time and still have to do a lot of editing afterwards to get rid of the worst mistakes and stuttering nonsense :)  Producing a tutorial or a course lesson can last a few days. 

So beside online teaching - which I really enjoy - I have to do a lot of freelancing and template production to cover my expanses and earn money for a living. Unfortunately this limits my time to teach.

What's in for you

By becoming one of my Patrons, you will get the benefit of watching my videos without any advertisments and you can download videos and watch them offline whenever and wherever you want. 

Beside that you will give me the possibility to cut back on freelancing a bit and focus more on producing content for you and all the others, who cannot afford expensive courses or studies. 

My Approach

I really would like to try, whether this approach without exclusive content for Patrons can work. If it does not work at all, I may add rewards with exclusive content in the future, but this first release - the After Effects Basic Course - will be free to watch forever. 

I really thank you very much for your support!
I hope that you have a great time learning and improving your After Effects skills.
$6 of $250 per month
When I reach 250$ per month, I will be able to continue the course and spend more time producing new tutorials and course videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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