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About Grave Companions

Grimgate is an adult RPG in an open-world fantasy setting, heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons and Western fantasy series such as The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher. Sword, sorcery, sex and story will come together to create a beautiful and immersive fantasy world.

Our ambitions will lead us to focus on key features such as:
  • extensive character customisation
  • beautiful animations
  • expansive 3D living world
  • polished combat mechanics
  • vast branching storylines and quests
  • intricate relationship management
  • complex rpg systems
  • explicit sexual themes and visuals

The Grave Companions team consists of:

Amra - Programmer & Technical Artist
Amra is responsible for all technical aspects of the project. With over 11 years experience in the industry as a game and engine programmer, Amra has shipped multiple award-winning AAA and Indie titles. Amra is a full-scope developer who has evolved from his profession as a games programmer to self-learn all aspects of 3D and animation. He has spent the past two years prototyping to bring our project to visual baseline from which we can build our complex RPG systems.

Anika - Producer, Community Management & Marketing
With a background as a customer experience specialist, Anika puts a high priority on a fostering a welcoming community of positivity and self-expression through gaming. She also supports creative direction and design, in addition to writing and narrative design.

By supporting our lean and dynamic team you will be guaranteed an efficient output and intense commitment to making this game the very best it can be.

Remember to follow us on Twitter for additional updates, news and juicy NSFW teasers!
3% complete
When we reach this goal, Amra and Anika will be able to work on Grimgate full-time, indefinitely into the future. Even with ambitions as grand as ours, we will fulfill our promise to you of making this game the best it can be.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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