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Welcome to the Graverobber's Guild!

My name is D G Chapman (he/they), and I'm a writer and game designer. I made stuff like Bastard Magic, a mechanics-free magic system for any fantasy TRPG, and GoGoGolf!, a weird little RPG about arguably the world's least interesting sport. I also write the Graverobber's Guide, a blog where I post content, theory and general ramblings about game design.

I love making tabletop games as accessible as I can, and that includes posting a bunch of stuff for free - that's how I got into the hobby, and I'd like to think I'm paying it forward. Turns out, though, I need money to live!

You can help support me through Patreon by either chucking a dollar a month in the Tip Jar. Or, if you're able, for just $2 a month you can join the Graverobber's Guild!

Guildmembers get to see and play with things before anyone else, and get a direct line to me for their feedback. The Guild helps shape the direction of the blog and the games I make. And when I do make stuff you have to pay for, they get it discounted or completely free!

If you want to play early versions of RPGs like Graverobbers before anyone else, join a community of people who also play my games, get sneak peeks at content, or just tip me a dollar a month because you like the blog, please consider pledging.

Thanks for your support!
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At this goal, I'll make the review series Games Worth Playing a monthly feature on the blog. (While we're short of this goal, I'll just be posting them intermittently, as and when I can.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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