Edward Champion is creating The Gray Area - an audio drama

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Social Media Follow
$2 or more per month 2 patrons
Let's make it official on social media.
  • Social media follow
Access to Annotated Scripts & Inside the Gray Area Podcast
$5 or more per month 1 patron
We have a special behind-the-scenes podcast called Inside the Gray Area available at this level. Additionally, The Gray Area contains many references and connections throughout the series. This reward will grant you access to annotated copies of the scripts, along with a social media follow. 
Name In The Credits and Cameo Line in Future Episode
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In addition to receiving all of the above, you'll receive:
  • Credits in the episode
  • A "walk on" role in a future episode (one time only), where you will be given one line 
Telephone Conversation with the Creator
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A personal one-on-one telephone conversation lasting about an hour (each month!) with writer/director Edward Champion about any and all topics (save spoilers for future episodes). Mr. Champion is a vivacious conversationalist and will likely have many questions about you!