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▪ Gain access to discounts on consultations, online courses, recordings, and other special offers made only available to patrons. By signing up on this level you immediately receive a one-time 10% discount on an astrological consultation with me and a one-time 50% discount on one of the recordings I have for sale on the "Store" page of my site.

▪ Gain access to the patron-only activity feed on Patreon where I will post information and articles that will only be available to patrons. Patrons may also post questions and comments related to astrological learning and exploration that I will respond to.

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▪ Gain access to a 60 -75 minute meeting with me every month through Zoom, scheduled during the first crescent light of each lunar cycle. During these "Crescent Light Sessions" I will teach astrological content, answer questions, and help facilitate discussions about current transits as well as the art and practice of astrology in general. My intention is for this to become an active learning community and the direction these sessions take will be open to suggestions and feedback from patrons. 

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About Gray Crawford

Welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Gray Crawford and I have been writing astrological articles on my website since 2012. For seven years I have been consistently publishing at least two articles per month about the current astrological climate. In recent years I have been typically writing about each New Moon and Full Moon as well as other special transits such as Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde.

So far my site has been a labor of love I have been doing for free, and so I am excited to launch a new phase of my astrological career through Patreon. By supporting me on Patreon with a monthly subscription you will enable me to not only continue providing the work I have been doing for free, but to also expand the scope of what I am offering. My goals include offering more written content about foundational astrological concepts in addition to the writing about temporary transits I have been doing, as well as creating videos about essential astrological theory and principles. 

Supporting me with $3 per month is a way to show appreciation if you have been enjoying my writing and teaching about astrology. The $3 per month tier gives you access to special discounts on consultations with me and online courses I offer, as well as access to content that I will only be releasing to patrons.

By supporting me with $9 per month you will gain access to an active learning community with me through a Zoom meeting each month. In these monthly sessions I will teach astrological content, answer questions, and facilitate discussions with you and other patrons about the astrological content you are interested in. These sessions will be scheduled each month around the time of the first crescent light of each lunar cycle, and I will notify you at least a month in advance of the time and date. I will send a video recording of every session to all patrons on this level, so if you are unable to participate live in person you will still be able to watch the recording and I will be able to answer any questions you send to me ahead of time.

The first "Crescent Light Salon" will be on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time.  I hope to see you there!

The next two sessions are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 27 at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time, and Saturday, December 28 at 10 am Pacific Standard Time. These dates are subject to change.

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting me through Patreon.
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