Gray for Scale

is creating Interactive sculpture from environmentally responsible materials

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Gray for Scale wants to inspire people to interact with their surroundings in ways that transport them into an alternate view of their current reality. There is a sense of wonder that exists in children that can fade in adults and we believe it can be stoked back to life with tactile and visual stimulation. If you ever had a tree house or a blanket fort as a kid, you can imagine a little of that feeling we want to recreate. We want people to be awed by an arrangement of objects because it seems impossibly big or strangely off balance or perilously stacked. We want to show off the beauty that can be coaxed from items that have been discarded and left to degrade in the elements.

Gray for Scale is a husband and wife artist team who create interactive sculptural works out of reclaimed and environmentally responsible materials. The pair of sculptors have worked out of Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, California, and Indiana as well as traveled around the world collecting inspiration and experience. They are currently based out of Saint Louis, Missouri.
It is not easy salvaging junk and making it beautiful and useful again. Welding, carpentry, heavy machinery, electrical knowledge, and awareness of safety standards and general zoning practices, are some of the skills that are required to take rusty pieces of scrap and make them safe enough to climb on or hang from the ceiling. Objects that have lost their purpose and sit aside worthless can become interesting and develop renewed meaning in an altered context. Sometimes, these once utilitarian objects can be made into wondrous invitations for the imagination to see beauty where it never existed before. Gray for Scale sees the possibility to elevate these forgotten objects and to inspire others to do the same.

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