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获得自由的第一步就是要突破防火墙,访问无限制的互联网。赞助该金额以表示对我们的支持。The first step towards internet freedom is breaking through the firewall to access an uncensored internet. Your support helps to keep our projects operational.

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为了让更多人获得自由,我们需要分享自由。赞助该金额以表示对我们的鼓励,我们会铭记您的名字。This level of support helps us to spread the word about our projects and encourage more people to circumvent and evade censorship.

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只有终结审查,才能实现最终的自由。赞助该金额以表示对我们的赞赏,我们会铭记您的名字,并分享您的评论。At this level of support, we move much closer to defeating current methods of online censorship.




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What We Do

Since 2011, we’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands dirty dealing with the many facets of censorship. Our on-the-ground perspective has helped us to fashion the most unique and ground breaking anti-censorship projects in China. The first project we developed provides data on what websites are being blocked by the Great Firewall of China. But censorship in China is about way more than blocking websites. We have launched products to help fight self-censorship by domestic internet platforms. We have helped to shine a light on foreign companies who act complicitly with the Chinese authorities to enable censorship. And we continue to apply pressure on the censorship regime by developing circumvention solutions that are extremely difficult to defeat.

How Did We Get Here?

Over the past seven years we have been able to do all of these things because we have received funding and support from generous individuals and organizations. But we have also learned a few things about applying for and securing grants along the way. Most internet freedom funding is for "shiny new things". Funders do not like to support ongoing projects. We don’t lack ideas for creating new projects, but each project we create adds a financial and time burden to our operations. In the past, we have managed to support our ongoing operations with the funding that has been allocated to us for new projects. But this approach is far from sustainable.

We have built robust, unique, censorship-defeating tools and services that are having a big impact in China. But many of these projects are in danger of dying if we cannot secure financial support.

We Know Where We're Going

Every month we struggle to keep the lights on. Our adversaries have vast resources to increase censorship (the Chinese authorities alone employ tens of thousands of censors and spend billions of dollars). With your support, we could ensure that our existing projects continue to thrive. With your support, we can get to a point where individuals who share our belief in internet freedom can make all of our current operations sustainable.

Who We Are

We are an anonymous organization based in China. We launched our first project in 2011 in an effort to help bring transparency to online censorship in China. Now we focus on helping Chinese to freely access information. Our current funding is insufficient to keep many of our projects alive.

The entire GreatFire team uses pseudonyms to protect our identities and to also protect our families and friends, largely because we operate from China.

Short descriptions about our projects appear below. You can find everything we do linked from or through a simple online search. We are happy to answer whatever questions we can and we will add our answers to this Patreon page. Apart from being widely discussed in most major mass media, GreatFire has also been the subject of a number of  academic papers from various research institutions and collaborated on the Firewall Cafe art project. won the 2013  Deutsche Welle “Best Of Online Activism” award in the “Best Innovation” category. In 2016, GreatFire won a Digital Activism fellowship from Index on Censorship. You can watch Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales deliver our acceptance speech in this video.

Our Projects


FreeBrowser is the only browser that allows Chinese internet users to directly access uncensored news. Since the launch of the application in March, 2015, FreeBrowser has reached over 2 million unique users who have logged over 95 million sessions. 40% of our users have never used a circumvention tool before. We have directed Chinese internet users more than 13 million times to censored news stories about government corruption, politics, scandals and other "sensitive" information.

We mimic the look and feel of the real Weibo website, but instead of presenting a "harmonized" version of the popular social media network, we restore and integrate censored and deleted posts (currently numbering more than 300,000), so that Chinese can access a real-time view of the real discussions that are taking place online in China. Over 10 million Chinese have accessed the website and our immensely popular @FreeWeibo Twitter feed republishes censored posts every hour.

Circumvention Central

No other website tests the speed and stability of free and paid circumvention tools from China. We provide an unbiased, data-driven view of what is working and what is not so that Chinese can make informed decisions when choosing a circumvention tool. Our data also offers a real-time view on efforts by the Chinese authorities to crackdown on circumvention tools.

GreatFire Analyzer

No other website has accumulated as much data as we have around the blocking of websites and keywords. This real-time, user-driven service monitors the availability of tens of thousands of websites in China. All historical records and detailed data are freely available to the public.


In an effort to crackdown on freedom of speech, the Chinese authorities have kidnapped and "disappeared" book publishers. FreeBooks fights back by making it easy for readers in China to get their hands on uncensored e-books and audio books, helping to inform and educate those who want to learn more.

GreatFire Blog

Our blog has broken some of the biggest China censorship news stories over the past decade. We were the first to report on the complete blocking of Google and the launch of China's newest cyber weapon, the Great Cannon. We also call foul on how foreign companies like Apple work with the Chinese authorities to advance censorship around the world. We make ourselves available to the media and have been quoted in  over 3000 news stories.

No other website restores and republishes censored information from WeChat, China's ubiquitous and most popular application. Our dataset grows larger each and every day and provides a real-time an accurate litmus test of the information that the Chinese authorities find most threatening.

Apple Censorship

Apple claims to defend human rights, yet thousands of apps are selectively made unavailable in App Stores around the world. Apple claims to protect your privacy, while at the same time censoring every single one of the most popular VPN apps in China, forcing users to rely on lesser-known, less trustworthy apps.


Our open source C and Java Library derived from Chromium Cronet which can be used to make Android apps resistant to censorship. This library can be integrated into your existing Android apps. This means that in countries like China, where censorship is prevalent, your Android app would work for Chinese citizens even if, for example, your website is being blocked in the country.





下面简要介绍我们的项目。您可以通过 greatfire.org或通过简单的在线搜索找到我们所做的一切。我们很乐意回答任何问题,我们会在Patreon页面上添加答案。除了在大多数主流媒体上的广泛讨论外,GreatFire也是来自不同研究机构的一些学术论文的主题,并与防火墙网络咖啡馆项目合作。

自由微博”在“最佳创新”类别中赢得2013年德国之声“最佳在线行动主义”奖。 2016年,GreatFire获得了审查指数数字行动主义奖。维基百科联合创始人吉米威尔士也在视频中为我们发声。










自由浏览是唯一允许中国互联网用户直接访问不受审查新闻的浏览器。自2015年3月上线以来,自由浏览已服务了超过200万名用户,这些用户进行了超过9500万个会话。40 %的用户以前从未使用过翻墙工具。我们已经展示给中国网民1300多万次与审查有关的政府腐败、政治、丑闻和其他“敏感”信息的新闻报道。


我们仿造了新浪微博网站的外观和风格,但我们不是推出了一个不同版本的社交媒体网络,而是恢复和整合了经过审查和删除的微博(目前已有30多万条),这样中国人就可以实时查看中国线上正在进行的真实讨论。超过1000万中国人访问了这个网站,我们非常受欢迎的推特帐号 @FreeWeibo 每小时都会推送未经审查的微博。



GreatFire 分析器




GreatFire 博客

我们的博客打破了过去十年中国最大的新闻审查制度。我们是第一个报道谷歌被完全封锁以及中国最新网络武器“大炮”发射的人。我们还指责苹果( Apple )等外国公司如何与中国当局合作,推进全球审查制度。我们向媒体提供信息,并在 3000多篇新闻报道中被引用。




苹果声称捍卫人权,但在全球范围内,他们有选择地使成千上万的应用无法以1美元的价格获得。苹果声称保护您的隐私,但它们在 中国审查了每一个最流行的VPN应用程序 ,迫使用户依靠鲜为人知,不那么值得信赖的应用程序。


一个开放源代码的C&Java库,它源自Chromium Cronet,可用于让Android应用具有翻墙功能。该库可以集成到您现有的Android应用中。这意味着,在像中国这样的实行审查制度的国家/地区,即使您的网站/应用遭到封锁,该应用也可以被中国用户所使用。



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This would make sure that we can sustain all of our anti-censorship projects, including basic salaries and hosting bills.

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