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About Greek Goes Keto

Hello Universe,

Thank you for checking out Greek Goes Keto Patreon page. If you are a Ketonian, then you might already know about our website

We are a couple of Ketonians, married in 2012 and we enjoy our health boosting lifestyle so much!

Also, maybe you saw some of our "ketonisations" on YouTube? We are working with all our passion to promote the Keto Mediterranean lifestyle and we really take it seriously. In today's world, everything is industrialised and overprocessed. We believe that we have to get back in touch with our ancestors and approach the global healing from nutrition to lifestyle by revoking the ancient times. 

Who are we?

Apollonas Kapsalis is a certified nutritionist with a Level 2 Certificate in nutritional therapy. He is also a writer, athlete and fitness expert with a great passion for Ketogenic and Low-Carb diet. He studied sports science and rehabilitation in Athens, Greece and continued his education in various European countries. He has a great deal of experience in working with clients and helping them regain their health through nutrition and lifestyle change. He is an expert in consulting, creating meal-plans and training individuals, teams and groups. He works on an international scale. His background in nutrition, more specifically in the Ketogenic diet with implementations of Mediterranean ingredients makes him a pioneer in this brave new movement. 

Roberta Kapsalis
is an academic graphic artist, visual designer/illustrator, blogger, writer, sci-fi culture lover, and a big foodie! As an artist, she loves to interlace different mediums, from music to fine art to the cooking and baking experiments. Keto is a challenge, but also, it's a healing power! This is why she puts all her knowledge and experience in the Ketonisation process, which is always monitored and approved by Apollonas' nutrition science knowledge. Together with her husband, she is creating content in Greekgoesketo universe (on social media and YouTube channel) on a daily basis. 
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When we reach 100 patrons, we will start a series of video interviews with Keto doctors and famous people who follow and promote this way of living.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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