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The Starting Point for Green New Deal Patrons and Activists.  You get a signed copy of our book, by the author of The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism - AND monthly ideas and suggestions of things YOU CAN DO to reduce your carbon footprint and that of the whole family.

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You receive a signed copy by the author of our new book - The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism.  Plus a Bumper Sticker proudly proclaiming your membership to the world PLUS In this group, members will receive Oak Tree seedlings to  plant in your immediate vicinity.  Once the tree has matured, Squirrels will distribute the acorns to create a small forest in your name.  In this way, we hope to compensate for the loss of trees from all the fires all around the world.    Sadly, it will require at least one million members to compensate in the Net Carbon reduction that can save the planet.  SO - you need to help us reach our goal of one million members with your pledge today.   The squirrels will do their part.  How about you?

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 You receive a signed copy by the author of our new book - The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism.  Plus several Bumper Stickers proudly proclaiming your membership to the world PLUS the Oak Tree seedlings to  plant in your immediate vicinity and other trees throughout the year.  

PLUS you will receive materials for creating lots of Quail Habitat on your property or in your area.  The Quail will do their part.  How about you? 



About Official Membership in The Green New Deal

Become a member and we'll send you a piece of the most precious place in the universe - The Earth! so that you know what you're preserving.

ALSO - we're giving you several more member benefits that can save you money such as a Prescription Card that saves in many cases more than 90% off of prices you may already be paying for your prescription drugs.  PLUS, we have many more benefits to share with you that could save you thousands off the interest on your debts and speed up the pay-off time of your mortgage from whatever time you have remaining down to as little as 5 to 7 years.  THIS is all just to GIVE you much MORE than you are GIVING TO THE EARTH.

For several decades now - I have made a living as a Science Fiction writer
.  From the research that I had been doing for my books, I became more of a scientist than I ever dreamed possible.  I'm proudest of the fact that in books like The 4 States of ConsciousnessThe God Particle Bible, The Origin of CreationMaxtricityMetamorphosisAutonomous GovernmentAnti-MatterBrain DrainThe Green New Deal and several others, I have interpreted some of the most exciting new discoveries in Science and explain them in the most spiritual sense of wonder that I feel when I find them.  But, by far and away, the most important theme that I have discovered in the machinery of the universe is that it was all created for one reason, the Creation of LIFE - things like US.  Life forms, I believe, every intelligent life form, like you is another example of why the universe was created.  It was created for the sole purpose of supporting us and helping us to see and know the truth. We're the cat's pajamas.  We are the most loved elements in the universe and I believe it's time we knew more about this.

With this background knowledge of the universe, I became one of the biggest fans in this country for the provisions of The Green New Deal as introduced in Congress by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) of New York and Senator Ed Markey (D) of Massachusetts. Ignore whatever else you may have heard or read about this idea because there's a great deal of disinformation put forth by the Republican Party - a branch of the fossil fuel Industry - about it and which is totally false.  The Green New Deal is ONLY an attempt - and the best one proposed thus far - to SAVE OUR PLANET and OUR CIVILIZATION by shaping a world where everyone on the planet is treated with dignity and justice and equality and guaranteed a living wage in a job that helps to SAVE THE PLANET and not aiding in destroying it, as so many jobs are doing today.  We are our own worst enemy.  The greatest threat to our survival as a species is US.  So, WE must ALL help reverse the way that ALL of US make our daily bread.  The Green New Deal is not perfect.  SO - if you have a better way forward, please JOIN US and LET US KNOW.  If it's better we'll adopt it.

My contribution to the Green New Deal is that I have informed Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) that Congress will never pass anything related to the Green New Deal because most of them are bought and paid for by the corporations who are reaping record profits by helping to destroy our planet - why would they suddenly turn toward the good?  They won't and they have billions of dollars to spend on the re-election of their friends in Congress who do nothing.  SO - I HAVE A PLAN for that and it's called the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  (It's in my book.)

I don't stop with the political change that is required.  I also have started doing things myself and enriching my life by helping to recycle the tons of plastic that we produce and ends up in the ocean slowly killing ALL LIFE IN THE OCEAN.  I believe this is the most important issue right now because we all require oxygen to breathe and 90% of it is produced by life in the OCEAN - SO PLASTIC POLLUTION of OUR OXYGEN FACTORY IS NO JOKE.

In this video is an example of what CAN be done AND NOW.  Why not here?  HELP Make this the NEW NORMAL - EVERYWHERE!

And, it's also good news to know that LEGO, the company is leading the way in developing a new kind of plastic that would be biodegradable over time and thus a much smaller threat to the environment.  We're hoping to work with LEGO in developing this idea.  I'm currently working to put this company together with this company - - to produce a true MIRACLE in reducing the cost of construction and reducing the amount of plastic poisoning of our oceans.

So, we've come to a point where Science Fiction writers can be a reliable predictor of what might come in the future. Some of us would have you believe we're all doomed, that humanity will soon become extinct and others would want you to know that there is always hope and we can see it from the actions of others at just the time they are needed most. I'm one of the latter.

What I have learned is that the Life Force is the master of forces that makes all of the other forces that we know and trust every day to enforce our lives events.  If you look at the world we live on, there is a hierarchy of life forces from the smallest insects and bacterial life forms all the way up to us and every other creature that makes an impact on the Earth.  But, every life force is subject to the larger life force above it.  In our case, the managing life force is the one that controls the planets and the stars and the galaxies.  How can I prove that?  It's simple, really.  We discovered it only recently and now we're being challenged to fight for our own lives.  The Life Force of the universe is showing us the answer by giving us the greatest problem we can face and allowing us the freedom to solve it by ourselves.  If we pass this test in the next few decades, we will be allowed to move on to the next highest form of life, truly intelligent and wise caretakers of the planet.  For that, the rewards will be endless.

But each day we delay, the challenge is greater and greater and the problems will be thornier and thornier to solve equitably and quickly and so the risk of our demise as a life force on Earth is increasing each day that we ignore the problems and even allowing them to worsen.  Even as I speak, oil and gas companies are building huge plants to create even more gasoline and plastics to spew even more toxic Co2 into the atmosphere.  They have known since the 1950's that their industry is going to suffocate us all some day.  They don't care about that as long as they are getting filthy rich and richer every day.  At the cost of killing us?  I think we have come to the time where we must all make a stand.  

The Green New Deal is not a radical idea at all.  It is just the opening levels of where we must be in order to save ourselves.  All labor and services on the planet MUST be dedicated to solving the problem of our own suicide and the Green New Deal produces the only plan to do this.  As soon as we're all on the same page and starting to row in the same direction, the next level of the Green New Deal will be even more shocking and revolutionary, but will also be required so that we never backslide to a new kind of mass suicide.

Extinction is FOREVER - which side of the Life Force or Death will you be on?  This is the only question you should be asking yourselves and your friends at this juncture.

Putting The Force to its highest and best use here on planet Earth, I also decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the Green New Deal.  My inventive spirit, what I am calling The Wonder Constant is being utilized to its fullest now -  I would like to teach others how to do the same.  My book should inspire everyone to take on a project that helps to organize us all into one intelligent force all working to save each other.

I personally have begun working on what I feel is the most urgent problem - the dumping of thousands of tons of plastic products into our oceans daily.  There are two components to my idea.  I ask myself - what is the one thing that the world needs now more than ever before and the answer is HOUSING:  More than a billion people are homeless on this planet today and this is not a good thing for the environment or for the socialization process of justice and peace and tranquility everywhere.  

Then, I ask myself, what is the single thing that is causing the greatest problem for us in the world and the answer is NOT our cars and trucks.  The worst trend going on right now is PLASTICS.  We are throwing so much plastic junk into the ocean that soon, it will kill off all the PLANKTON in the ocean and this is mainly where we get the oxygen we need to breathe.  Therefore, the greatest step forward that I can make, the highest and best use of my time on this planet is to find ways to COLLECT all of the plastic waste and recycle it into BUILDING MATERIALS.

We've already LOST the major Rain Forests on this planet to animal farming - which is responsible for 50% of the OXYGEN that we all need to breathe. That means that the oxygen levels are DROPPING ALL AROUND THE WORLD and will ACCELERATE and DROP TO NEARLY ZERO unless we SAVE THE OCEANS and make them HEALTHY ENOUGH to COMPENSATE for the loss of oxygen from the TREES that are gone forever. (Stop Eating Meat - please!)  Especially stop eating BRAZILIAN meat or any of their products because the Brazilian Fascist government is currently encouraging farmers to burn down the jungle to expand their farms.  There is a report today that there is currently 75,000 individual fires blazing in the Brazilian Rain Forest.  Soon - the LUNGS of our planet will be FOREVER GONE.  Once burned to the ground - Rain Forests do NOT GROW BACK.

Working with the companies you see mentioned above as well as related industries and cities and towns, I believe this concept of creating housing out of our throw-away plastics is the FIRST THING we must accomplish in terms of the Green New Deal - so I am doing that and asking others like yourselves to join me.  It will take thousands of us working this plan to make the biggest impact that may have a chance to SAVE THE WORLD. 

If you're with me - Please become a patron so that when we go to the cities and towns to ask for their BUILDING CODE EXCEPTIONS that will allow us to build these homes and when we finally put them on the market - AND we start to RESHAPE SOCIETY to where we're all pulling in the same direction - you can say to yourself - "Wow!  I made a difference that I can see because I helped do this."

IN our APPRECIATION - all patrons will receive a SIGNED COPY of my new book - The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism AND a bumper sticker for your car's rear bumper that helps SPREAD the WORD.  Become a Patron of Wonder ACTIVIST Today!

Become a member and we'll send you a piece of the most precious place in the universe - The Earth!  In a display case you can put on your desk or on your wall to remind people of the Wondrous place - endangered now - that we all share!

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