Andrew Rodriguez is creating Green Shift, an online graphic novel.

$1 /creation
Thank you for supporting Green Shift! You get a big thank you from me and your name added to the "Sponsers" page on my website.

$5 /creation
Awesome, this really helps! In addition to being a "Sponser" you will receive access to a Patreon exclusive blog that will usually feature sketches, scripts, thumbnails, random musings, spoilers, c...

$10 /creation
Epic! You are truly helping this creation take form! All previous rewards as well as access to the newest comic page several days before I release it out to the public! This also unlocks a BONUS co...

$20 /creation
This is quite a significant contribution, which will allow me some time to create non-comic work. Therefore, I can offer all the previous rewards in addition to providing high quality PDF's of my i...

$50 /creation
Wow, if you are willing to support me this much than you must be immortalized! At this level I am willing to draw your likeness onto one of the undead monsters that the characters encounter through...

$100 /creation
This is positively amazing and, in addition to all the other awards, I am willing to do a special illustration custom for you, print it, sign it and send it to you. If you donate more than this I W...