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is creating Green Shift, an online graphic novel.
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About Andrew Rodriguez

Hey there, Welcome to the Green Shift Patreon Page! Green Shift is a Dystopian Science-Fiction/Satirical Comedy webcomic about a homeless musician, a jaded bartender and many other characters who attempt to escape the confines of a oppressively consumerist, walled metropolis and start a new life in the mysterious and dangerous wildness beyond...
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In case you aren't familiar with Patreon, it is basically a platform that allows you to directly pay an artist for their work. In my case, your patronage is helping to fund the creation of more comics and, in return, you'll receive bonus comics, art and more! You basically become a partner in the creative process!

I have been creating the story of Green Shift for most of my adult life and have spent years fleshing out the characters and world they live in through one-shot comics, short stories and illustrations. This is my first concentrated attempt at compiling it all into a long-format comic series.

Some examples of my comics

Green Shift arose out of my own yearning for a story that had lovable characters, an immersive world and tackled serious themes whilst maintaining a quirky sense of humor. I wanted something versatile enough to talk about post modern consumerism, mythology, spirituality, politics, agriculture, music, love and loss as well as zombies, robots, ghosts and monsters. These are the benchmarks I am aiming for whilst creating the comic. The story has an ending and the character arcs are all written up, now I just have to create...Which is the most difficult and time consuming part.

I have always put my work online for free and the only payment I usually ask for are opinions, critiques, feedback and words of encouragement. I have made very little money from my art over the years. I have always felt more comfortable paying my bills through other means including, but not limited to, cooking, bartending, moving furniture, gardening, waiting tables, making sauerkraut, teaching children, rolling burritos, designing robots, farming and cleaning up shit.

Hey, I gotta make a living somehow! 

But I am at a point in my life where I really want to make this story come to life with as little distractions as possible. I already average a page a week or two, even with full time employment and  farm work. I can only imagine how much I could create if I had your support. Every dollar helps. Think about it...if 100 people donate just 1 dollar each per comic (Less than the price for a snickers bar) I could make almost 400 a month, which would free up an entire workweek for me to create more content!
There are so many stories I want to tell and I will tell them, regardless if I make a penny or not. But with your help I can make it happen much faster and more enjoyably. So again, thank you so much for caring enough to think about supporting what I want to create. It means the world to me. 
So what are you waiting for? Let's make art...together!

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I can cover the costs of website hosting, Adobe software and paying my flatters. Yay, no longer in the red! Maybe I could even have some time to do some bonus comics!
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