M.J. Valentine is creating Art and cosplay

Level 1 - Thank You!

$1 /mo
By pledging at level 1, you get access to patron-only content such as:
  • Sneak peak sketches for cosplay projects 
  • Sneak peak sketches for art pieces that would be sold on my etsy

Level 2 - You Rock!

$3 /mo
By pledging at level 2, you get:
  • Day-to-day progress on cosplay projects
  • Digital art WIPs
  • Monthly patron-only coupons for stuff on my Etsy labeled 'Kaet Made'
  • Al...

Level 3 - AMAZING!!

$5 /mo
By pledging at level 3, you get:
  • To participate in the monthly patron-only live stream which includes a say in what I work on during the live stream in the poll a week before
  • A on...

Level 4 - AWESOME!!!

$10 /mo
By pledging level 4, you get:
  • To participate in a monthly video chat on Google Hangouts
  • A chance to have a character based after you in a webcomic/graphic novel or game I create

Level 4.5 - WOW!!!!

$20 /mo
By pledging at level 4.5, you get:
  • One small prop of 15 USD worth of items listed as 'Kaet Made' from my Etsy, but only once. You will be asked for your shipping address so that I can send...

Level 5 - OH MY GOD!!!!

$50 /mo
By pledging at level 5, you not only receive my undying love and gratitude, you also get:
  • An option to be Admin on the patron-only Discord server
  • A free, optionally signed, copy o...