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I'm kinda bad with "rewards"... I think they are so restricting. Whoever wants to help me with more than $10 per month is on my kharma list forever. Sure I can add your name to the credit list of my next film. Sure I can mention you on the project page of a performance I do. But ultimately: contact me when you need help. I'm good at that. Brainstorming, networking, whatever. You've got a friend. (That's a Randy Newman reference.)




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About Johannes Grenzfurthner

My name is Johannes.
I'm an artist, filmmaker, writer, and researcher. Seems that some of my works are pretty decent because I keep winning awards with them. But that doesn't necessarily result in a sustainable, regular money flow. It's more like a helter-skelter ride called "Johannes's bank account". Sure, I teach a class here and a class there, but nothing on a regular basis. I don't have a fixed income.

Most of my income is project-based and gloriously infrequent. And I often have to prioritize projects I'm not very fond of just because they make a bit more money. And that's the reason why I'm on Patreon: I want to keep focusing on my favorite projects, especially the ones that are in no way -- let's call it -- "market compatible" and therefore always underfunded. Some of them are experiments, some very ephemeral, so hard to categorize; somewhere in the realm of art and activism and research and madness. It is very hard to convince start-up investors or state grant bureaucrats... but maybe you can help me with that.

What are my credentials?

Art and activism?

I am the founder and artistic director of monochrom, an internationally-acting art and theory group. I like to engage in 'Urban Hacking', or more specific: 'Context hacking', a term that I coined. I have started and finished hundreds of projects over the last 25 years.


In 2016 in released the documentary feature "Traceroute" (2016). Have a look at the trailer. I created this 2-hour documentary for just $10,000. (Talking about efficiency and/or self-exploitation.)

In 2018 I finished Glossary of Broken Dreams (a funny doc about politics).
I am currently working on an off-kilter AI comedy called Je Suis Auto, a documentary about hackerspaces, and an experimental horror feature called Masking Threshold -- a tough one to sell to a film financier. Maybe you can help?

Conferences? Talks?

I am proud to be one of the most outspoken researchers in the field of sexuality and technology, and one of the founders of 'techno-hedonism'. I'm the head of "Arse Elektronika" (sex and tech festival) in San Francisco, "Hedonistika" (food tech festival in Montréal and Tel Aviv) and host of "Roboexotica" (Festival for Cocktail-Robotics) in Vienna.

I gave talks at SXSWi, O'Reilly ETech, FooCamp, Maker Faire, HOPE, Chaos Communication Congress, Google (Tech Talks), ROFLCon, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Influencers, Mozilla Drumbeat Barcelona, Columbia University, Book Fair Frankfurt, Carnegie Mellon University... and you can find many of them online. (This one on Context Hacking from 2010 is very OK and I keep linking to it.)

Community work?

I'm a networker and connector. I support and collaborate with artists, activists, researchers and communities all over the world. It's a vital aspect of how I define my creative existence.


My projects have been featured in The New York Times, Liberation, Spiegel, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN, Reuters, Slashdot, Playboy, Boing Boing, New Scientist, The Edge, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, ZDF, Gizmodo, io9, Wired, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, CNet, Toronto Star...

What are my favorite topics?

Let's do this as a tag cloud: contemporary art, activism, performance, humor, philosophy, postmodernism, media theory, cultural studies, sex tech, popular culture studies, subversion, science fiction and the debate about copyright and intellectual property .

And what else is there to say?

I identify as a leftist and atheist, but that's hardly a coming out. I have a history :)
I deal with my claustrophobic tendencies by occasionally burying people alive.
$26.20 of $666 per month
I'm working on many, many projects simultaneously, but a big chunk of my (more or less dark) energy is currently dedicated to creating bigger projects.
For example: Post-production for an off-kilter comedy film called "Je Suis Auto". And finishing the edit for "Masking Theshold". And starting editing my hackerspace documentary. And writing a new script for another film. And sending a Frankensteinian sex machine on tour. And. And. And.
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