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Pledging at the Cohort level is a great way to support my work and let me know that you are enjoying what I do.  Cohorts receive access to Patron-only posts and videos, as well as credit on new mod releases. 

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Would you like more direct involvement with the Greslin Games community?  Receive better support and technical information about my mods and game modding/design in general?  Then supporting at the Well Wisher level may be for you!

Well Wishers receive the benefits of Cohort tier (access to patron-only posts and credit on mod releases), but in addition also receive access to a private patron-only Discord chat area and prioritized support.  I also tend to get more technical in the patron-only zone.
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Supporters like to get a little more involved, and I very much enjoy it when they do.  Patrons at the Supporter level get access to a supporter-only chat area on my Discord, public recognition as a supporter, a credit mention on all new mod releases, and access to development releases (and prototypes that may never be publicly released) before anyone else.

(Supporters also tend to get a say in new projects I'm considering, and often influence my design decisions.  Not saying necessarily that this is a promised patron benefit, but it does very often work out that way.)
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About Greslin Games

Who Am I?

In the Fallout modding community I'm known as Greslin.  You may know me by my Fallout 4 mods: Pack Attack NPC Edition (implements a modern AI infrastructure into NPCs), Tuckered Out (falling/weariness mechanics), Insult to Injury (leg damages), Stash Those Caps (portable money) and others.  I also do my best to help other players and modders twist their own games up, and produce videos on the topic when I can.

What Does Your Patronage Support?

At the moment, a new computer.

Every dollar I receive from patrons goes right back into new content.  Right now (as of April 2021) that content is mostly videos related to Fallout 4 modding and my own modding projects.  I would like to expand that into streaming, but while my existing computer (an aging 5-year-old Dell laptop) plays games just fine, it probably wouldn't handle streaming well.

Money received on this Patreon account is therefore going directly into savings for a much better computer.  This would allow me to add streaming to my Patreon offerings, as well as shred the time it currently takes to edit, render and upload decent videos.

Am I Charging For My Mods?

No.  I code for fun and to develop and produce things that other people enjoy. Everything I code is released for free, either on Nexus or on my Discord.  Patrons receive early access to works in progress via my Discord server. 

Are You On Discord?

Yep!  Greslin Games has a small but enthusiastic Discord community of some very cool people.  If you'd like to meet and talk to me personally (online, at least), drop by and say hello.

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