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One Strawberry!
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Receive my thanks and gratitude. :D

As well as:

  • Have access to the Patron only Patreon feed which will be updated at random! :D
  • See early previews of my upcoming book covers.
  • See Updates for The Adventures of Wiglaf And Mordred when I finish the strip.
    • I will post Wiglaf & Mordred strips to Patreon as soon as they're finished which can be anywhere from a few minutes before they go live on the website to however early I manage to get it done.
    • Viewers of my drawing streams will be able to see the comics early as well, but they will not see the final dialogue of the strips until it has posted live on my website.
    • The Patron-Only posts will be modified to Public Posts after they go live on the main WaM website.
Basket Of Berries!
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  • All of the "One Strawberry!" Rewards!
  • Have early access to Flower Buds, a collection of short-short story fiction pieces posted once a week (Typically Mondays and/or Tuesdays). Subjects and Content will vary, and will be around 500 to 2000 words long.
    • These short works will be Patreon only until they are collected and released in a published bound edition (Every 30 or so).
  • Receive a free digital copy of each Flower Buds volume as they are released (Format will be EPUB, but Mobi can be provided by request).