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I have two main projects you might be interested in supporting - one appeals to the coder in you and the other to the artist in you. Read on ...

Evennia is a professional-grade multiplayer text-game library completely created in the Python programming language. Being free and fully open-source without any licensing restrictions, It is meant for creative people to use to make their own textual game worlds (traditionally known as MUDs).

I am developing Evennia as a hobbyist side project. I get a lot of support and help from the wonderful Evennia community and it's great fun. But it's a lot of work too - developing a full-fledged game development library (and documenting it extensively!) is no small undertaking. A "patreonage" is a chance for people to show some extra encouragement for keeping the project going those long nights of coding.

If you are not a Pythonista, you may know me via my artwork. I do my artwork almost exclusively in open-source software and I have over the years produced many a tutorial describing how to create digital art in something other than Photoshop. My tutorials (which are hosted on various graphics forums too) are oft used by newbies wanting to start doing digital artwork in open-source programs like GIMP or MyPaint. I also produce videos of my process, with ample annotations and help. If seeing patreonage on this I would be encouraged to spend more time with my art and I would definitely be making more tutorials about my process when painting!

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