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About David Walters

HI !

My name is David Walters and I'm a software developer and retro computing enthusiast. I developed and launched the map making software Grid Cartographer in 2013 and I've been working on new updates and releases ever since.

What began as a basic tool to draw simple maps for old-school dungeon crawlers has evolved into a comprehensive, versatile and well respected software package supporting dozens of built-in tile graphics, hexagon maps, split-screen gaming, image publishing, a scripting language and game development features.

The majority of these features, bug fixes and tweaks have been added and released as free updates after release. I've been working on the software for years providing updates as well as one-to-one technical support and regular progress updates. All with the goal of creating the best possible mapping software.


While minor updates to Grid Cartographer have always been free, there have also been major point releases approximately every 18-months that have required payment of a fixed amount to upgrade, or be left behind on an older version.

Each major release has launched with a 'killer feature' to justify this update cost. While this has worked well in the past, I feel that Grid Cartographer 4 has matured to the point now where the value added to the software is more about the 'little things', the quality-of-life stuff you could easily take for granted but that makes using the software easier, faster and basically just ... better.

I've decided to turn to Patreon after many requests from my more dedicated supporters. There's a desire to be able to support my efforts in a more modern and flexible way. This allows everyone to gain the benefits of continued development without the need to upgrade.


I feel it's important to be completely clear with this: I have no intention of restricting any feature or bug-fix as exclusive 'content' for Patreon supporters. Every line of code changed in the software, any new art asset added, etc. will be a change made to the same software available to any paying customer from the download page (or on Steam). Those who support this Patreon campaign are doing so to the benefit of all users of the software.

The exception to this will be things outside of the program itself - e.g. backer exclusive posts, polls on what new features to prioritise, potentially exclusive / timed-exclusive content secondary to the software (such as maps or work-in-progress/beta Game Link profiles).


Aside from the warm fuzzy feelings you'll get from supporting someone with a genuine passion for this incredibly niche software? All support I receive on Patreon goes towards time spent being able to work freely on improvements and fixes.

Not only that, but it opens up opportunities to potentially invest into outsourcing content for use within the software, new hardware and tools to speed up development times, and to cover the costs of running the website and forum.


If you'd like to know more, check out:
* The Website where you can learn more about Grid Cartographer.
My Twitter account where I post development updates and retweet other relevant projects.
* RPG Codex a friendly place where role-playing games are discussed. My thread is pinned!
GOG.com has a Grid Cartographer forum thread filled with cool people.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon, your support is much appreciated.

- David

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