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Huscarl Patrons (Windows) :

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VER-[0.6] RELEASE DATE : Monday 05/08/2019

(Ideal Grimar's aim, not reality)

What does the character look like ?

Well that's for you to decide, customisation is heavy in F.U.C.K., there is 400+ spritesheets available so really, do as you wish.

What does the game look like ?

Who made the art in the game ?

All the artworks you see on my patreon and in-game are all made by Lapuka.
He's a great artist, you can't imagine how lucky I am to work with him. Please follow him on Instagram, he deserves it and it's SFW.

Who are you ?

You can call me Grimar, I'm an adult video-games creator using RPG Maker MV.

What creations have you made ?

Right now, I only have one game available : Four Unknown Cosmos Kisses (F.U.C.K.)
You're a girl from a small village who live alone with her father, someday space travelling becomes possible, with it comes to you the opportunity to wander on a space adventure, whether you will be a slave or dominatrix with people is up to you.

Where can I find your games ?

If you're a patron, on top of this page.
If you're not a patron, here : DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Public Version)

Why would I pledge ?

(I changed this on the 18/06/25 so you can be charged upfront and receive what you're own and don't have to wait each beginning of the month. Keep that in mind if you change your pledge level tho' !)
The only reasons you'd have to pledge is to support me or have releases earlier.
Thegn Patrons have access to the very latest version + SaveStates + Name in Credits + "F.U.C.K. me it's Sunday !" posts + Vote on polls + Discord rank
Huscarl Patrons have access to the very latest version.
Drengr Patrons have access to one release old version.
But only pledge if you can ! My rewards need low pledge to let people have access to my games. As a person of few wealth, I want my games to be accessible, so pledge if you can. This is not for debate.

Also on SubscribeStar.

How will the money be used ?

As I already have the necessary equipment to make my games, this money will be used to pay Lapuka for all the art he's making for the game, the rest will be saved as much as possible until I have enough savings and monthly support from Patreon to quit my job and work 24/24 on my games. Seems idealistic but it's not that impossible. I can live with pretty much nothing. Yeah, I've been a student too bro'. I feel you...
I wish for a refund.

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Contact :

You can contact me by e-mail : [email protected]
Or message me via Patreon if you're already a Patron.
(I'm more likely to answer on Patreon than on my mail but I'll answer, sooner or later.)
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Thank you everyone !
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