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About Gris Anik

Hi there, and welcome to my Patreon page!

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Don’t worry! You will find it is quite easy to open a new account and support creators.

If you already came here with the intention to support me, I will not hold you back. You can freely proceed with your pledge :)
For those who stumbled upon this page from some alternative universe and have never read any of my work, here are a few bits to explain what is this all about.

I mainly write about BIG issues, like:
  • Global Warming
  • Wars, politics, and governance
  • Automation and jobs
  • Wealth distribution and poverty

... and, of course, the ways to solve those, like:
  • Unconditional Basic Income
  • Basic Tax Control
  • Sustainably living and clean energy
  • Social policies
  • Science ...

Now and then, I also express a few philosophical opinions about a range of different subjects. Please feel free to engage in debate. I will happily discuss and argue about it (of course, if you like that sort of thing).

Most of my work can be seen here:

Also, please consider that some of the things I write about are just my personal views and may not represent the views of all other authors that write about similar subjects. (That was totally cliché and copied from somewhere else, but c'est la vie... :)  )

What is the purpose of my writing?

In the long run, the purpose is ensuring a good outcome for the future of the majority of people.
Currently, human civilization is facing a number of significant challenges that we need to address as soon as possible.
I hope that my writing efforts will help, maybe just a bit, with addressing those issues and raising awareness. That could eventually lead to real-world applications and policies that will create a better world for everyone.

Why write about the issues?

Why not write only about the solutions?
The reason for the “problems first” approach is that, before we start looking for the solutions, we have to understand the things we are trying to solve, the problems, and their inner workings.

Combining high and low levels of understanding can yield real solutions.

Writing about the problems, especially those that can affect us in only a few years, can paint a very gloomy picture of our society and give the impression that the author has a negative vision of our future.

Let me reassure you: that is not the case. I am not trying to scaremonger people or make them depressed, saying there is no hope and that we are doomed. If that was the case, believe me, I wouldn’t waste a minute of my time writing these posts. It is quite likely I would wait for the end on some mountain top or sunny beach To find out more about what I mean, read the following post: “ No, I am not trying to scaremonger you.

Simply put: the issues are real, and we will need to do make some choices.

My aim is to educate people about those issues, give answers, combat ignorance, and solve dilemmas.

While scientists in the field are busy collection data and doing research, someone has to present their findings in a way ordinary people can understand. Although they can understand each other quite well, scientists are not very good at explaining things in simple terms, and, often, they have terrible senses of humor — or they do not have one at all. My goal is to bridge that gap and present their findings in a manner that is easy and understandable for ordinary people.

Figuratively speaking, you can consider me the “information infantry”: a guy on the front line, who will spread information and give you answers to the question you even did not know you had (and are now struggling with :) ). I am here to fight global warming denial, automation and job loss denial, inequality denial, and many other denials.
When solutions are presented, someone needs to defend this ground and answer all those challenging pros and cons questions, in order to relieve public anxieties about new things.

What are you supporting with the pledge?

  • Writing - every little donation, regardless of how small, will encourage me to continue posting my views and stories. Your pledges are the best way to show me that I am on the right track, that what I am doing makes sense, and that all this is not just a complete waste of time.
  • Editing - the number of spelling and grammar mistakes I make sometimes is almost unbelievable, so I am paying someone with a sharp eye to edit those pesky mistakes, avoiding your curse words.
  • Hosting - having your own domain comes with costs: traffic spikes, crashes, DDOS attacks... so hosting has to be robust enough to withstand all those challenges.
  • Mail Chimp - as the number of readers is constantly growing, at some point I will need to email posts using the subscription list, and that also comes with a price tag.
  • Web site - you won’t believe it, but it is like a baby: it needs attention and care, new clothing (design), and a few bells and whistles (functionalities) now and then.
  • Facebook & Twitter "boosts" - with new algorithmic timelines, it is hard to reach even known people, but, more importantly, as I advocate for system change, in order to get traction, it is necessary to reach more people. Only as a collective will we assure that positive change will happen.
  • Ads – I know, I know, I hate them, too. Your pledge will help me to to keep the website advert free, avoiding sluggish loads and unintentional eye bleeds. I know, it looks empty and awkward without ads, almost making you wonder, “is this a scam website?” Trust me, the internet would be a better place without them.
  • Me - surprisingly, I need to eat, drink (once, I tried going without those, but it did not go well), a place to sleep, and a power socket to plug in my laptop while I write posts.

There you go! In essence, that’s it. Keep supporting me, and I will keep pumping out those stories and ideas that will keep us on the track towards a better future we can all look forward to living in.

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Any funding we raise on Patreon is hugely helpful and encouraging. This is the goal that would allow me to continue writing and posting one story a week, while having an ad-free website, for a long time.
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