is creating video games & pixel art (and streaming the process!)
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About GrogDev

Hey, I'm Grog, a game developer and pixel artist who streams their process twice a week (or more!) on my Twitch channel.

I am working on a project called Fiendtower, an action-platformer rogue-like, where you slay foes, dodge traps, and collect loot while ascending a mysterious tower.

I am a self taught game developer and pixel artist, and enjoy sharing my knowledge with other. I do feedback and critique streams for those wishing to learn more about and improve their pixel artist. We have an active community on the Discord server as well for people to share their work and help each other grow as artists and developers.

On stream you can find me working on my game, either coding or art assets, or other non game related pixel art.

Where does your support go?

Your generous support will go towards two things:
  • Budget for my games, such as purchasing needed assets, or marketing.
  • Improving the stream, whether it be updating gear or giveaways. 

Thank you for your time and support!

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