Grounders Source is creating Media Site For The 100

Life Support

$1 /mo
$1 will grant you a thank you on the Grounders Source site.

Little Bird

$5 /mo
This will include a physical thank you card in The 100 artwork of your choice, printed on HR paper or HQ digital file, and an "auto" from me. You will also be included in the website spons...

Brave Princess

$10 /mo
You will get not only a thank you card, but permission to request UHQ photos for your personal use, and site sponsorship.

Your personal information will never be compromised.

Rebel King

$20 /mo
All of the perks above, as well as a The 100 merch piece such as a T-shirt, poster, Pop figure, etc. You will also get a sneak peek of new website material before publication, and offer a ...


$25 /mo
All perks as the above, but also a chance to write an exclusive article for Grounders Source, a request for a video on the Youtube channel, and the chance to run the