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Welcome to the Patroller club! Time for some exclusive content.


  • Note: These will launch with the meeting of our first goal!

These "halfisodes" come out every other Wednesday between episodes, and they're not available anywhere else but here. Halfisodes are shorter, looser and sillier than the standard episodes, and as a Patroller you get to vote on which segments you'd like to see in each one. Be sure to participate in the votes to make sure your favorite segments stay on the air! (Example segments: Crew Spotlight, Old-School Game Show, and the Global Porncast.)


Grounds Patrol interviews are recorded via Discord. For every episode, you can now enter a raffle to win one of three live audience spots. You'll be in the voice channel with Will and the guest(s) for as long as you'd like to listen, and you'll have the chance to ask us questions in the chat. More info on Discord.


Your patron feed will include extra little snippets of interviews that didn't make the official cut.


  • Your name is listed in every episode's show notes.
  • Special role in Discord and access to patron-only channels.
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You can rest easy knowing your pledge goes toward inspiring Newgrounds creators everywhere. 


Don't worry bout no raffle. As a Groundskeeper, you have an audience spot waiting for you any time you'd like to hear an interview live.


  • Thanked by name at the end of every episode.
  • Even special-er role in Discord.
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About Grounds Patrol

Welcome to Grounds Patrol, a podcast dedicated to informing and inspiring Newgrounds creators. New episodes come out every other Wednesday and feature artist interviews and roundtable discussions.

Where does the money go?

Good question! Here are the three main avenues:

  • Support for Will
    • Will is the host, editor and general head boy of Grounds Patrol. The more he's able to make from Grounds Patrol, the more time he's able to afford to put into it, getting you more sweet, sweet content.
  • Support for the team
    • Right now, the only other team member besides Will is ninjamuffin99 - he does a lot of production and admin behind the scenes. Supporting us helps him out more and will possibly let us bring more people on in the future.
  • Development for future stuff
    • Not all of this goes straight into our pockets! A substantial portion of the revenue goes back into Ground Patrol and helps us create merch and commission artists for special projects.

NOTE: To access the Discord related benefits (including chances to hear interviews recorded live), make sure your Patreon account is connected to Discord!)
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Custom Discord emojis by moawling

At $100, as a gift to you all, we're hooking the Discord server up with a suite of Grounds Patrol emojis custom-made by NG pixel super-star moawling! Seriously can't wait for these.
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