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is creating Videogames (me - a tale of paws and leaves)
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About grown arts

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Why Patreon?

Many people asking from time to time, if it is possible to help somehow to get the project further.

Company Vision:
Currently the company grown arts is a sole proprietorship represented by Florian Haase. He is sattled in northern Germany. The company's vision is to develop digital media and video games, which should deal with difficult and social (taboo) topics and motivate the player, to deal intrinsically and actively with these issues. Players grow with their video game worlds, not only do they grow and age themselves, but also their own everyday challenges and topics. Developing video games about difficult themes interactive, educational and yet entertaining, grown arts' vision makes it to a company with an extraordinary orientation.

With "me - a tale of paws and leaves" this vision is about to begin and will deal with the topics of death and dying.

For us it is the most important thing to build a community around such social important (taboo-) topics and talk about it. Together with YOU we can reach an even higher level in game development.

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