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About Grow-Op Chicago

Grow-Op Chicago is a community garden advocacy group and seed-starting initiative based in Logan Square. Our mission is to increase the growing capacity of community gardens in low-income communities and connect people to their local food systems. We mobilize volunteers to start seeds at home and then distribute the mature plants to participating gardens and organizations. 

We received a 2019 DCASE grant from the City of Chicago to make educational videos in conjunction with AUA (Advocates for Urban Agriculture), facilitate public art installations at three different garden sites, expand our seed-starting operation, and create a local farm and community garden themed game show. Fun times ahead, but look out for new content, events, and workshops in the coming months.

Last year we launched the "Home Grower's Program" and distributed just over 1,000 healthy transplants to gardens across the city with the help of 10 different "home-grower" volunteers. We also built relationships with Christy Webber Landscape Supply, Brew & Grow, and Home Depot and received thousands of dollars worth of donations in the form of fertilizer, tools, lights, pots, and other "un-sellable" products that we then distributed to garden projects in Back of the Yards, Logan Square, Jeffrey Manor, Humboldt Park, Albany Park, Bridgeport, Hegewisch, and even a school garden in Gary, Indiana!

At our headquarters in Logan Square, we host weekly garden days, all-ages workshops, and offer community composting for free. We are currently fundraising to support our participating gardens more efficiently. Help us fight for a more equitable food system that supports networks of neighbors engaging with LOCAL food alternatives to traditional food supply chains.

* * * If you'd like to volunteer or collaborate, please contact us * * *

Thank YOU for your support and contributions as we aim to better serve the people we work with! 

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