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About GrowTheHeckUp

We appreciate your likes, your clicks, your time and your shares. Consider adding your financial support to that list! GrowTheHeckUp™ is a Christian Info-edutainment™ brand for thinkers, dreamers, visionaries and thought revolutionaries and we NEED your support! Consider partnering w/ us and helping our movement grow and thrive!

Our written and audio-visual content is created for Christians by Christians. Our labor is first and foremost for God's glory. When we look out across the landscape of brands and media outlets connected to hip-hop and pop culture, we rarely see any that aim to inform and educate their audiences as much as they seek to entertain them. Welcome to Info-edutainment™ at its finest--our contribution and service to our patrons.

Who we are:

Lavoisier Cornerstone, Chief Brand Architect
Giannine Commodore, Senior Content Editor and Contributor
Jimmy "Jae Is L.A." Perez, VP, Branding and Acquisition

Frederick Towles, Business and Finance
Samone "Toracents" Blakely, Femininity and Womanhood
Lamar Gibbs, Culture, Religion and Theology
Chealsea Jade Hayes, Culture and Psychology
Raymond Mills, Theology
Charles Russell, God and Theology
Zadok Ben Israel, Religion and Culture
Touya Kelley, Money Management
Essence Yarborough, Religion and Culture
Kristin Hill-Hector, Family and Culture
Beres Marrat, Technology 

Brand Expansion and Content Marketing
Stephen Davis, Graphic Design, Branding
Shannon Mays, Video Editing, Social Media  
Talaya Melton, Graphics and Creative Ideas
Angel Saldana, Viral Video Marketing, Trainer
Jenny Cornerstone, Video/Photography, E-Commerce, Content Curation
Carlos Willis, Video Production and Editing

CHHToday Sports

Nathan Mathis, Senior Contributor
Harvey Hargrove, COO, Sports Consultant
Kevin Gibbons, Graphic Design
Matthew James, Social Media, Content Curation

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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