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Here at Growth Project, the entire focus of all that we do is to make disciples. Throughout Christendom, churches and para-church organizations have done a relatively good job of leading people to Christ. We have done a less good job of making disciples. There are pockets of success out there, but the reality is that, theologically speaking, the vast majority of Believers in this country today are a mile wide and an inch deep. They do not know what they believe...or why it’s true. This has contributed, to a large extent, to the reason that so many younger Believers now hold cultural and social views that mirror the secular world and directly contradict Biblical truth.

That is why everything we do here at Growth Project is poured through the filter of discipleship. How do we know Him better...and how is what we are doing helping us reach that goal? Those are the questions we have to answer before we make any decision and initiate any program. Simply put: We are here to know Him...and to make Him rooting all that we do in His Word. Please join with us by supporting our efforts to see how God is going to use us (and many others) to carry out this ambitious plan. By supporting us financially and through your prayers you, will be able to be a part of how God is working through Growth Project to reach people around the world.

The endeavors we use to do this are:
  • Weekly live show and podcast called Growth Project Radio that has reached tens of thousands of people around the world.
  • Weekly podcast called 5 Minutes of Truth where we break down Biblical stories and events into accessible, easy to listen to nuggets of truth.
  • Produce multiple written resources designed to disciple folks through various books of the Bible. These reading guides are a valuable tool to assist with grasping the nuances of God’s Word.
  • Present a 2-day marriage seminar/retreat called Becoming One. This insightful event allows married couples the opportunity to chart a pathway towards the marriage God has intended for them to have.
  • Present various training and educational programs designed to assist other churches/organizations to develop their own unique discipleship programs and endeavors.
  • Growth Project University is the educational arm of Growth Project. This will be a program of formal classes presented via live-stream and video for those wishing to go deeper in their understanding of God’s Word. They will cover everything from basic introductory courses to an in-depth study of systematic theology. This “Lay Seminary” is designed to make theology exciting and accessible to all Believers.
  • Growth Project Publishing will endeavor to publish at least one book a year on any number of subjects. 2018 saw the publication of our first book, The Marriage Pyramid: Pathway to a Godly Marriage by Dr. Danny B. Purvis.
As you can see, the possibilities for discipleship are limitless. At Growth Project we pour every decision we make through the filter of discipleship. We covet you prayers and need your support. Please consider one of our giving tiers so that you can join us on this amazing adventure.
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