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Hello Grower,

My name is Nebula Haze, and I co-founded in 2010 with my partner Sirius Fourside. Over the last decade, the site has expanded to almost 500 free tutorials with an active friendly growing community, and we've published a new or updated article every week since 2012 in our free weekly newsletter. We've dedicated our lives to this mission: teach anyone (and everyone) how easy it can be to grow weed at home. Adults deserve a safe and inexpensive source of cannabis.

Patreon is a company that helps people support the artists and content creators they like. We created this account for people who want to support our mission and help keep alive!

Thinking of you,
Nebula Haze

P.S. Ready to start growing? Learn how in 20 minutes with these two free resources:

P.P.S. Thanks for stopping by, your support means a lot to us!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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