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You don't want anything, but just appreciate what I do and  wanna see me continue doing it!  Thank you. I appreciate this unconditional support. 

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Awesome, you wanna be part of my GRRR Inspired Fan Fam. I'm just grateful you want to be one of my crew to help out!

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++ Know where I'm traveling next before I post it publicly

++  Exclusive POLL Voting
++ Occasional Vlog or written rants ( about my personal struggles, because being a solo travel creator has its problems ).

++ Behind-the-Scenes posts about some of my videos

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You're awesome sauce! Every Creator needs a strong Creative Team and at heart, you connect creatively with me. Solo creating, influencing and creating a brand has its fluctuations. Here you will catch my raw moments.

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+ Know where I'm traveling next before I post it publicly and get the inside scoops!

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Thank you so much for making your way to our Patreon page. I have some really big plans for the future and I'm asking you to be a part of it all.

I create weekly videos around the solo travel experience, taking you inside my imperfect adventures to show you that you can travel alone and still have fun! I've been producing travel tips and food/city guides but I want to raise it to the next level and bring you original content!  But I can't do that if I burn out~ that's where you come in.

Is one woman doing it all alone ...enough?

Honestly, I burn out regularly.

I create anywhere from:
3-6 videos a month plus

- Accompanying written guide/s or blog posts so viewers/readers can follow my breadcrumb trail.  (FYI I started my blog in 2008/9 before I came to YouTube to become a video blogger! So really, I'm a pretty serious creator on both platforms)

- I'm also uploading older videos to Facebook twice weekly to give new and old fans an additional travel fix for their week and Facebook is my EVERYTHING LIFE (* but FB videos require re-editing into something shorter and I can't say stuff like - Subscribe, Like, etc... or Facebook definitely won't share it.).

- I promote my videos & photos on Instagram so I try to create fun real-time stories and an inspiring travel inspo feed.

My workload changes weekly but generally it's always packed- if I'm quiet on social media, it means I'm really working behind-the-scenes or I'm secretly burnt out and need to recover. 

Juggling the creative skills, tools and expenses to implement a travel blog and a weekly YouTube channel about female solo travel takes more time/energy than one person can put out.

The larger my audiences get the bigger my workload gets actually. I NEED TO HIRE help for my work so I can focus on growing GRRRLTRAVELER in a more sustainable way.

Costs: How I afford my blog maintenance and travels

I did not quit my freelance life or part time jobs in the U.S.

YouTube is not my only job nor is it solely how I'm funding my travels! 

If you're like-- "I love and want your life!" I'd probably "Noooooo, don't say that."

Last year, I juggled five different outside jobs to make the income to fuel GRRRLTRAVELER, while also working for GRRRL on a full-time basis and afford filming my travels.

But I passionately believe in what my videos stand for travel inspiration and want to make travel doable for all.  If I can change perspectives and fears about traveling alone, then travelers have one more resource to make their travel dreams happen. And it's become a part of me.

Growing GRRRLTRAVELER is like working a 9-5 cubicle job with overtime hours.  I have ongoing responsibilities to create consistent and quality content. But there's one difference...  I don't get a paycheck for my work hours. I'm my own worst employer.

Without outside support and as GRRRLTRAVELER grows, it's too much of a workload to carry alone.   I'm not sure how long I can keep it up.

Travel and filming is my work

Creativity, resourcefulness and research goes into finding and creating the best travel stories, which ultimately empowers the viewer with a sense of the destination for solo travel, a vetted itinerary and its do-ability.  

I research and coordinate my travels like a film shoot. Time is money, so each travel moment is used for filming ideas for my channel. I GO HARD, filming each day while still coordinating my next day's film plans, logistics and if I will be bringing in a co-host. Returning home, I give myself a couple of days to sorta crash and then the editing and promoting of my videos begins.

Sometimes I'm fortunate to work with tourism board sponsors who can help out with some of my expenses, provided our work expectations match the partnership and my audiences.

Personally, I want to keep making travel videos and get more of you out there living your travel dreams! But I can't do that all alone. Ideally, I'd love to afford a part time video editor or assistant to help, but I can't invest in that without support.


How can you help?

I'm asking you for your support. 

My Patreon campaign is an ongoing, monthly fan funding campaign to help GRRRLTRAVELER keep making videos and do this for a living. You control how much you want to donate, once or monthly and when to quit. The limit starts at $5; after Paypal fees and freelance income taxes there is little left to benefit either of us.  But if your support is less than $5,  you'll still get a virtual smile from me! =)

If a one-time donation is more comfortable to you, then you can do so on Paypal. The only drawback is that you won't be able to access Patreon rtewards. 

What you can't afford it, but still want to help ?

If you're in a rutty financial situation, please do not donate. 

There are other ways to support GRRRLTRAVELER:
pread the word and share my channel with friends and your travel communities!
-  Tweet or Facebook it and tag me so I know! 
-  Leave Comments on my videos.  Promote my work to the world!  

One girl can't do it all alone. She needs help. Support, share and like my campaign and help me inspire women and soloists towards their travel dreams!

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Yay!  As a solo filmmaker I film my travels with two cameras and rack up a lot lot lot of footage and being my only editor I'm often backlogged. You're helping me afford a monthly video assistant editor to help me minimize editing burnout.
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