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is creating webcomics and anime/chibi and cartoony art.
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About Grum's Workshop

This is Grum's Workshop, where we do Grum things.

Hello, this is Grum! I am creator of the upcoming webcomic "Saving Grace" available via Webtoons, a slice of life monster comic about a little girl taken by the monsters to live with them. Patrons get an early access to the webcomic by being a Grumling at the $1 tier!

I also do chibi/cartoony commission requests. Full body flat color chibis are also a one-time reward when staying as a Grumlim ($5 tier) for a total of three months!

More information on the commission available here via a pinned message on twitter.

Be a Grummie!

With your support, I can continue with my webcomic(s) and commission work. And with more support, additional tier rewards may be added in the future. Thank you so much for considering!

You can also follow me on Twitter at

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to