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About John LeFevre

A few years ago, I started a Twitter account as a drunken joke that went viral. @GSElevator, with 1 million followers, was a fictional character designed to illuminate and satirize investment banking and finance bro culture with humor and insight. 

Over time, I expanded beyond the limitations of being in character in 140 characters with stories and longer form content, blending humor, satire, and genuinely sincere commentary and advice, racking up more than 100 million views for sites like Business Insider and CNBC. I wrote a bestselling book about my experience on Wall Street, that is currently in development as a movie starring Zac Efron. I’ve also started a profitable fashion brand, invested in various projects and startups, and am currently writing book #2, a non-fiction political satire. 

But I always knew the platform had more potenial. 

I enjoy voices like Christopher Hitchens, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, and Joe Rogan. But there’s still a void. Something is missing; we are still too divided. How sad is it that, if you know where someone stands on abortion, you can most likely predict where they are on LGBT rights, taxes, healthcare, immigration, guns, or even, quite obviously, Donald Trump.

I want to bridge this gap.  I want to inject some fun into the echo chamber bubbles that continue to divide us. I want to talk to a diverse group of people and consider all points of view. I don’t care about a single left-right continuum. I love the concept of eclectic curation and the basic premise that it’s okay to enjoy the Wall Street Journal and TMZ, Sotheby’s and ESPN, the Drudge Report and Psychology Today.

I’m going to start with a weekly podcast with high profile guests - politicians, TV personalities, athletes, authors, and influencers - as well as a newsletter that includes both created and curated content covering lifestyle, popular culture, news, and politics.

And I want you to join my community. I’ve been blown away by how many connections, friendships, ideas, and opportunities that have emerged from social media. And I sincerely want that connectivity and access to be a focal point of this community, where everybody can be part of the conversation.

To facilitate this community, I’ve come up with a series of tiers designed to help bring like-minded people together. These tiers will help give back to the community - arranging meet ups, happy hours, and live events in various cities around the United States, as well as to help fund a new studio, bring in bigger and more exciting guests, and hire staff.

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Once we reach our goal we'll be able to fly to more events and host more meet ups, with you, the patrons. 
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