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I am Armando the founder and head creator of Global Sports Streaming. GSS came out of my love for the sport of boxing and sports in general. Why I didn't just call the company something with boxing in the title is because I want to keep the options open to broadcast other sports. The reason I am starting a Patreon page is pretty simple; I need financial help to continue to grow. As any artist/creator knows making money off of what you love to create can be tough. My story is no exception. My background is in TV production and I worked as a camera operator, producer, and director. I thought I found the perfect job for me working in boxing as a producer and did it for years. I eventually reached a point that I saw the sport of boxing needed to change and so I started brainstorming ideas on how I could make that change. I left my position and started GSS. I thought with my skill set and the team of people I knew the journey would be easy. I was completely wrong.  This journey has been the most difficult thing I've ever set out to do. I've gone through my savings, I work night and day to get the money to invest in my company to pay for productions and creative ideas. I truly believe that I will eventually work with investors and advertisers to generate the money needed to hire employees, develop more shows, and advance online sports streaming. Until that happens I need The Patreon community, people who love boxing, love combat sports and love sports in general. 
The global landscape of sports consumption is changing. People are disconnecting from their cable subscribers and turn to the internet to watch scripted shows and sports. In the next 10 years, the cable industry will be turned upside down with internet connectivity leading the way and content producers delivering directly to consumers. 
Boxing and combat sports are unique in that the vast majority of the fights are not seen by the general public. The fighters often times have to pay for their fights in the form of ticket sales or managers paying. They work 40 hours a week at their normal jobs and train in their free time to be ready to fight when they get fights. Fights can be difficult to get in a market that struggles to make money. Margins are small for smaller promoters so doing fights on a regular basis can be difficult because over saturating the market is a real problem. The top 10% of the sport makes money and generates big dollars but to get to that level is extremely difficult for unsigned fighters. Best in Boxing was created to help change the sport of boxing. How can one show change the sport? When you tune in to watch fights on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, FOX, etc... you are seeing only a small percentage of the fights that are fight worldwide. On a single HBO card fans at home are only watching 2 maybe three of the 10 to 12 fights that happened that night. Imagine how many cards are fought every week that don't get TV exposure and how many fighters never get global exposure. Best in Boxing works with smaller promoters to broadcast over the internet cards that would never have gotten exposure before. 
The end game, being that money is the given, is to help individual fighters get the exposure they deserve to help grow their brand and the money they can make in the sport. By helping the individual fighters the sport will naturally grow.  There are so many ideas waiting to be launched. Cannot wait to make them reality with your help. 
Thank you for reading and thank you for helping grow Global Sports Streaming and our first show Best in Boxing. 
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When I reach 500 patrons GSS will select at random a winner to recieve a Manny Pacquiao signed boxing glove. 
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