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About GST大好き

What is GST♥?

GST♥ is a project for highlighting video game music through the art of the mixtape. That is to say, I take various various songs from various games and mix them together in a seamless 10 minute adventure.

These mixes come in three flavors:
GSTMIX, which stays within the limitations of the sound chip on the console.
EXTMIX, which extends beyond that in limitation and source material. (formerly called GST++MIX)
and Artist Features, which show the history of a single video game composer. (Musically.)

Each mix is bound by a theme. This theme could be "golf" or "dance music" or "Tim Follin", as long as everything flows together nicely. 

Along with each mix, I create a video with carefully researched trivia to enjoy and add context while you listen. The goal is to make a single ~10-minute mix video per month, which has been the norm so far. Except for Artist Features, which are always longer. 

Just mixes?

I only charge for mixes, but there are a few other activities that you'll find on this channel. For example, I also rip soundtracks from previously ignored games and add them to youtube. 

I'm also fascinated with the technical aspects of making music, which results in more informative videos such as this particularly popular one:

This is also separate from charged Patreon activity. 

Why Per-Creation?

In short, I don't know if I will be able to make these videos at a consistent rate! Not for lack of trying, just that my life (and free time) has been unstable for a while. If I fail to deliver a video by the last weekend of a month, nobody gets charged. When my situation becomes more stable, I'll likely switch to a monthly charge rate since that's a bit easier imo. 

Rewards etc

I'm trying to keep things simple, so there are three tiers here:
  1. ($1) Supporter. if you give me more than 99 cents, you get some behind the scenes posts and a cool Patreon Supporter role in the discord server.
  2. ($5) Previewer. If you give me more than $4.99, you get to see the end video early. (or at least a penultimate draft.)
  3. ($?) Credits Holder. This is a sliding tier. At the end of each video mix, I will hack a game to include 10 to 24 (0b01010 to 0b11000) patrons that donated this amount or more. If I have enough room, every patron will get their name in the credits. (16bit games are not particularly roomy, however...)

What else? 

I'd like to make these mixes free to everyone, which is kind of why the rewards are so simple! Even if you can't support me monetarily, you can show your support by sharing my videos.

Whatever the case, thank you for checking out my channel and Patreon, and thanks for your support!
$334.27 of $660 per mix
with this, I can finally buy a Sega Mega-CD 32X to play the enhanced version of Night Trap! (...or I could pay my rent.)
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