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About George Karellas

I'll keep us moving, you pump the SOUP.

An episode of SOUP takes five days mechanical labour, three days shooting links and features, and another six days in post production to make. Creating more than two episodes a month to the current standard is physically impossible and there is no time for anything else. So until I figure it out, I need patronage to keep doing what I do.

I try to keep each episode punchy and pack as much in as possible so
that I'm producing something that's not just entertaining, but useful to you too. It's just me, no cameraman or assistant. A pledge of €1 [or more] per video is a show of appreciation that keeps me alive while I make an episode. I only need a couple of thousand of those. Crumbs chief.

Thank you!

34% complete
The most difficult thing about being a one man show is finding time to take care of the background running of the series. All communication, artwork, branding, accounting, and administration falls to me. 1000 patrons will mean enough support to hire help and take the background tasks off my plate. It'd be a dream come true being able to concentrate solely on the creative aspect of each episode!
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