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Dude, I love you bruh
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YO! Here's what you get:

  • Instant access to my covers. I'll send you an mp3 version of the new covers I release straight to your email.

  • All the new music. You also get mp3 versions of EVERY song I release - yep. allehm (southern for "all of them")

Dude, I FREAKING love you, brah
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Yo.. so you get everything in the previous tier PLUS:

  • New unreleased videos. I'll send you my weekly uploads before the public sees them. How cool is that?
  • Behind the scenes content. From beat breakdowns in songs to my recording process
  • Personal thank you announced in a video 
Listen dude... I. Love. You.
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Yo.. so you get everything in the previous tier PLUS:

  • Personal Q&A. Once a month I'll answer questions from everyone in this tier via email.
  • Skype Meeting. Yo. Shoot me your number. We'll chop it up for an hour twice a month.
  • Music feedback. Shoot me over your music (one song per month) and I will listen to it and provide a constructive criticism.



About George Gatewood III

How's it going! My name is George Gatewood III. I'm a film composer, singer, songwriter, and producer. By pledging $5 or more a month, you can help me to continue to release great content. You being a patron grants you exclusivity to never before seen videos, early access to music, behind the scene videos, FREE music (like every one of my covers), and a community of fellow lovers of music and... well... I guess lovers of my music, too haha. 

Hope that sounds dope! Thank you so much for your support!
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This money will go towards Studio Gear, VLOG Equipment, and other expenses. Like living (no, but for real), so I can bring you guys higher quality videos, FREE music, and other goodies along the way. And eat. Also eat. 
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