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hello, i'm an amateur digital artist online looking to interest someone around the web, i currently don't have any art goals, but i'm up to drawing anything that comes to mind, if it'll help me improve my art in any way, earn money or just have fun.
it is a big necessity of mine, to be able to take something from this decision.
please feel free to contact me, i'm all open to suggestions on how i can deal with things better here.
enjoy your stay! soon, there'll be more stuff.

here are some places where u can find some stuff from me.
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i guess having a goal that's impossible to achieve in my tiny eyes will help me rethink about my way of viewing life if i get even just a little amount of progress on achieving it.
seriously though, i think it would be a great help to influence my way of viewing life for the better, giving me something to look for and knowing that i'm being supported to do so will open a lot of doors in my life.

and like, actually profiting for making what i have spent the last years of my life doing, which i have needed and wanted to do for as long as i can think.
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