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About GuFiArt

Hello everyone and welcome to my GuFiArt Patreon page!
My name is Guido and I'm an artist from Italy.

I started many years ago to draw. My illustrations ranged from simple portraits of friends and family to my favorite comics and movies characters.
Only in recent years I have developed a growing interest in the homoerotic-themed illustrations.
Today I like to portray manly, muscle and hairy characters (or if you want, call them "bears") in sexy poses, sometimes completely naked.
For this reason some of my drawings will be referred to as NSFW and / or 18+.
My main inspirations come from Disney movies, Marvel and DC comics, and bara manga.

One of my main project, at the moment, is "Born Naked": a collection of nude portraits depicting the great variety and diversity of male bodies.

I hope you enjoy this page and my contents.
Thank you.

49% complete
My actual graphic tablet it's quite old now. I have to buy another one more powerfull.
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