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About dropwizard-guicey

Guicey is guice integration project for dropwizard. I did it because I like the simplicity of both and I believe its the best tools for building applications (I have to work with spring and spring-boot all the time, so I can compare).

Guicey is actually an umbrella of related open-source projects (see below). I always try to generify features to:
- Avoid giant project (smaller libraries are easier to maintain and use)
- Generic projects may be useful to more people and, eventually, this leads to better quality (more different usages - more covered use cases; more users - fewer bugs)

As a result, even simple guicey maintenance requires updates for all of these projects. New guicey features often require new projects (there are already few in the work now).

I'm starting this campaign after several emails from happy guicey users, willing to support it. The main goals:

- Of course, to gain support and, eventually, be able to spend more time working on the project.
- Ideally, it would be great to build a community of people with a direct interest in guicey evolution. This should improve the feedback and, potentially, prevent unwilling breaking changes. So patreon could become a kind of discussion platform for upcoming evolutions.

I assume two types of patrons:

1. Individuals using guicey (or, maybe, just related library) and willing to support future development or wanting to know development insights and currently incubating features (payment is just a filter for people who really care, so minimal payment is completely normal!).
2. Companies using guicey and willing to support its development with meaningful amounts. A company logo will be proudly placed on guicey home pages.

And, of course, my communications will not be limited to patrons only.

Top-level guicey projects:
Guicey core - core library
Guicey extensions - extension modules

Related libraries:
Generics resolver - the core component of guicey yaml configuration introspection; required by installers (for types introspection) and reporting
Guice ext annotations - powers guicey JDBI extension modules (interface repositories) and lifecycle annotations
Guice validator - expand rest methods parameter validation (dropwizard feature) to all guice services
Dropwizard orientdb embedded server - does not has related guiey module yet; a handful option for embedded graph/object database for guicey application
Guice persist orient (need update!) - guice support for orientdb (logical addition to embedded orient server)

Infrastructure projects:
Gradle quality plugin - helps to keep guicey quality high with static analysis tools
Gradle java lib plugin - removes java projects configuration boilerplate
Gradle pom plugin - simplifies guicey pom construction
Gradle github info plugin - removes github-related configuration boilerplates
Gradle mkdocs plugin - powers guicey documentation
Gradle python plugin - general python support for gradle project; powers mkdocs plugin 
Java project generator - simplifies new projects setup and keeps all existing java projects in sync
Gradle plugin generator - simplifies new gradle plugin project setup and keeps all existing plugins in sync

And the very special side projectWind Of Buri Music - this is "guicey soundtrack". I did this to have a structured search for this wonderful music and easily find related albums. For me, It's ideal music for work. The frontend was written in Dart and the backend is, of course, using guicey :)
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Sync guicey releases with dropwizard so the latest guicey release will always depend on the latest dropwizard.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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